Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Angelic Earth Day 2016 Message

Hello Everyone,

I'm definitely a tad bit late on posting the angels' messages for Earth Day--my extreme apologies--I've been working on some new side projects--one of them being my next book, which is going to be a different genre than my last book---details to follow soon! ;)   However--its never too late and its always the right time to incorporate the meaning of Earth Day into our daily lives.

For this post, I  intuitively chose five cards instead of my usual singular card-blog reading.  I'm choosing five as this number represents changes and challenges---but with these challenges comes opportunity for the better--this is reflective of our world.   I want this reading to reveal how we can heal the world and be that change that we want to see.  There are many challenges we are facing on this planet, but if we understand the energies that are present, we can better find the perspective to draw from to create the positive.  Our battle gear here is our highest-good thoughts--intentions, whether its to keep our planet secure or healthy.

I intuitively asked the Angels what messages they had for us regarding healing the planet.....

First Card Represents The Situation or Concern:

Angel Therapy Cards~Doreen Virtue
Crown Chakra:  
In metaphysical studies, chakras (pronounced Shock-ruhs), are one of the major ways to help you understand and maintain your inner balance. Chakras are invisible energy centers/auras within and around your body, which are influenced by your daily thoughts. Your thoughts control the energy flow within your chakras. The higher the vibration of your thoughts, the more connected you are to feeling open and receptive to the good around you. The higher the vibration of each chakra, the more vibrant the auras/colors of each chakra will appear. You have many chakras, but eight are most commonly known. They spin like wheels—and look like invisible fan blades—of color auras.  (For more information regarding Chakras, you can refer to my book Messages From My Grandparents...In Heaven: How You Can Keep Contact With Yours, where you'll also find  a beautifully illustrated Chakra Placement Chart by the artitst Joseph Bartolotta.)

The Crown Chakra spins at the highest vibration of all the chakras and is the color purple. It is located inside the top of your head. This chakra represents thoughts/beliefs/actions you have about the following: spirituality and how you connect with its knowingness (intuitive messages) and the enlightenment/wisdom you receive from God and your angels.  Your angels want you to become more aware  that your prayers are being heard and answered every day.  Each day you are  downloaded with infinite wisdom and enlightenment, but your fears and doubts have been blocking this information.  You've been looking for signs and reasoning, your angels assure you that when you pay attention to any ideas that surface (as long as they are coming from a positive source) these are the stepping stones toward healthier changes.  If you've asked "What can I do to make this world a better place?" or "What intentions shall I send out into the world?"  --- trust the flow of the messages you receive--whether its to start/join charity groups, start/sign petitions, support environmental groups, take part in peaceful demonstrations or to start your own awareness,etc., (again as long as its intended to be peaceful) follow the guidance that comes.  You'll know its something your meant to do when it is felt strongly within your heart.

Second Card Represents Your Expectations:
Angel Therapy Cards~Doreen Virtue

Ear Chakras:  This red-violet chakra is located inside your head, above your ears. This represents thoughts/beliefs/actions you have about the following: how comfortable you are with hearing guidance from God and your angels.  Your angels are also communicating with you through sound.  Maybe you hear something on T.V., the radio, an overheard conversation, a calm voice inside your mind, music playing that inspires you with ideas or the knowing of where to go to extend your help and prayers.  If your expecting your prayers to be answered, be open to these possibilities as these are all confirmations and information that your angels are supplying to you. 

Third Card Represents Hidden Blessings: 

Angel Therapy Cards~Doreen Virtue
If You Get Nervous Focus on Service: I absolutely love this next card as this card completely shows that there are no coincidences-- out of all the cards I intuitively selected, this one clearly  brings to light the intention I set out for this reading:  The front of this card reads "Put the entire intention on answering the question "How can I make the world a better place?" and the Law of Attraction will automatically take care of your needs."  When your intent is for the good--that and only that will come to you and you will be ready to forge ahead.  If you put doubt into your intention, then you only receive that which doesn't match your initial request.  

I love the image of this card as well for it shows that as the angel is flying, her candle stays lit--no matter what wind/air circulates.  So is the same for your angels guidance and protection for you---it will never waiver and your path will always be lit no matter what obstacles or darkness may try to block you.  The hidden blessings of feeling nervous when you know there's an important job to do, is knowing that its that much more meaningful to do it.  You will find the support you need to help you see it through.  When we receive a calling to embark on a journey for peace that seems not the usual route, its these times we know its that much needed.  So when your angel's suggest to focus on service if you get nervous it means, ignore the ego's attempt to control your life and let your higher self show you the way that you were destined to be, your true self--your calling.  If making the world a better place means becoming a teacher, parent,  psychologist, doctor, a musician, fireman, etc., As the angels say, "when you serve your purpose, your purpose will serve you."

Fourth Card Represents Advice:
Angel Therapy Cards~Doreen Virtue

You Are a Powerful Lightworker:  A lightworker is one whose life purpose involves healing whether its a medium, angel card reader, psychic, reiki practitioner, crystal practitioner, holistic healer or anything involved with spiritual healing in the metaphysical world.  Now more than ever  lightworkers are needed in this world to inspire and deliver messages from our angels of blessings and healing, to motivate others to their calling and purpose.  To share inspiring affirmations and prayers is what creates a positive flow throughout the world.  Don't be afraid of the intuitive, spiritual abilities that you have.  Embrace this special connection for it is one of the many ways the world can begin its journey toward balance.  A quote I love dearly and that goes perfectly with the image of this card is:
"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”  ~ J.K. Rowling--Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Fifth Card Represents Possible Outcome of Energies:

Angel Therapy Cards~Doreen Virtue

Crystals have healing energy properties that can balance and center your emotions or for a wonderful gift to others.  For example, clear quartz can increase psychic abilities, black obsidian stone helps with protection, pink rose quartz opens and heals your heart for love.  The best way to know which crystal is the one you need--visit a crystal store near you and before walking into the store, set out the intention to connect with the significant crystal that will bring you the precise healing.  Walk around the store and use your senses as to what calls to you the most--the way it feels, looks, etc.  When your more centered and balanced, your able to connect more with your angels and further understanding what your life purpose  holds for you. 

A better world, starts with us and it takes patience, faith, trust, much prayer and peaceful action.  All the careers in the world all add up to providing happiness and love not only to yourself, but to others as well.  We each play such a motivational part.  What will you be guided to do?

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,