Thursday, February 7, 2019

2019 Angelic - Energy Review

Hello Everyone! 

We are one month and two weeks into the new year!  What are your thoughts so far?  Do you feel the same as last year?  Have things not improved yet? Do you feel a shift for the better? Are you embarking on your promised-journey revelations of last year?  Is it too early to tell? For the past two months, I've been undergoing some of my own--much needed -- looooong over due-- transitions in my life.  This is a major reason why I haven't posted since December. I had to make a lot of decisions --choices that I new needed to be made and the time in between awaiting those changes.   I will further discuss my journey thus far in a future post.  I also have been m.i.a composing so much content for this post, as you will see, that I wanted to make sure it was all detailed properly.

No matter where you stand with 2019, this post will reveal the energies and key themes to look for, and how you can align better with your life purpose. Even though we are in the second month of 2019, there is still a lot to experience....

This post will focus on the following:
  • Angelic 2019 Universal Meaning
  • Angelic Messages for the Winter Solstice
  • Angelic 12-Month Energetic Forecast 

This post as you can see is going to cover a lot of information.  Please feel free to take your time in reading each section.  There's no rush.  This will be a tool you can refer to throughout the year.  Take your time understanding & recognizing where you are now & what you're ready to explore going forward.  

 ***Please also note - the 12-month forecast is a collective-reading.  Even though its a group energetic message, you'll still be able to find connections to your own life within this reading.  Your instincts/intuitiveness will guide you toward what each month is trying to tell you, linking to various areas of your life that resonate with you.  These are brief glimpses into each month.  I will post throughout the year.  further information regarding each month as it arrives.   However, if  you would like a more detailed--personal 12-month reading, please inquire & I can schedule a private Angel Reading either via e-mail, phone reading or in person.***

Universal 3 Energy - Google Image

Angelic 2019 Universal Meaning:

Numbers are considered the underlining elements of the universe and we are all connected/affected by its frequency/vibration.  Numbers are all around us, presented in our home addresses, receipts, clocks, birth dates, ages. etc. Numerology also shows that colors are associated with numbers and each month, day and year as well, holding specific meanings, messages regarding areas of your life purpose. 

To calculate the Universal year, we take the current year we are in, and add the four digits within that year.  So for 2019 we calculate: 2+0+1+9 = 12.  In Numerology, we always reduce the numbers until we have single digit, therefore 12 is reduced by: 1+2= 3. Universal year provides insights into the vibrations that are experienced globally throughout the current year. It is the backdrop to what you'll expect to feel, undergo  through the next phase of your life purpose.

The Universal number for 2019 is "3" & its vibrating color is  Yellow. It's no wonder as this Universal number represents, joy, creativity & a transformational movement.  "Freedom" is the word that the Angels keep popping in my mind for 2019 and it helped me make my much needed life changes.  You will now have the freedom to choose--to move more freely within your life with less tension.    

If you're like me and a lot of friends/family of mine, 2017 was a very harsh, draining year.  2018 felt like there was a little more room to breathe with personal revelations that explained why 2017 was a tough one. You may have felt you were making some progress in 2018, understanding a bit more where your life should go, but it seemed to have come with setbacks and slow movement.  The Universal number for 2018 was 11/2--meaning, you were either in a follower or leader mode.   

For 2019 though, its all about finally bringing your goals, dreams, and revelations to use...two years in the making!  This is a "take-back your power" year of self-love, nurturing and finally overcoming blocks and obstacles that prevented you from living the life you truly wanted and deserved.  This is a year where you will take positive risks and finally have the courage to say "YES" to all the right opportunities and say "NO" to all that have not provided you the true happiness you seek.  You will feel less stressed, and more sure of the direction in life you want to go and know that you can get there. 

Maybe you're finally leaving that unfulfilling job you always said you would, but never dared to, maybe you're finally letting go of  a particular relationship that stiffled you instead of nourishing you, maybe you're finally getting a handle on your health---whatever it is, 2019 is going to be the year that things finally come alive for you and the vibrancy in life to do all things, is now very much possible!   

As always, everything in life has to do with free-will.  You can't just sit back and wait for things to come to you.  You have to put the effort in.  You have to choose to want to move forward.  Focusing on a less desirable past will only keep you there.  It is easier said than done. I know, firsthand. 2018 was filled with many distractions for me and toward the end of that year., I finally put my foot down to stalling my life.   

Even if you have done all that you could--you've prayed and prayed, done the work, waited for divine timings, and you still feel like nothing is being accomplished...there's s still a plan for you that is going to reveal itself soon. My prayer is that this post will help you to see that and give you the strength to hold on a bit longer! 

There is great expressive strength that comes with this new year and you'll finally be able to communicate/harness it the way you've always felt it should be.  As my father always says, "hang in there, it's all going to be ok. It will work itself out."

Angelic Messages for Winter Solstice: 
Google Image

 If at the start of this season you've felt like you didn't want to go out, and wanted to be more to yourself, its more than just the cold temperatures and for some, those who are suffering from Seasonal Disorder.

The Winter Season is actually a time go within.  To revisit parts of your life that need attention, nurturing, self-care, a status check--on things that you have possibly procrastinated on, or things that need plans developed.  The key is to be gentle and patient with yourself during this season and honor where you are and where you want to be.Take this time to truly map out where you want your life to go, for come spring, things will start flourishing for you.

Winter surprisingly is a time for new beginnings and embracing both the light and dark moments within us--but allowing that inner light to shine as bright as we can.  Winter tries to show us that no matter how chaotic life is around us, that we can always return to the light and warmth that we create and nurture within in our hearts.                                                                               

Angelic 12-Month Energetic Forecast:  

January: (even though this month has already passed, its energetic meaning can still show you where your going along your path) 

"Wisdom" is  January's message to you.  This first month has shown you that positive and less favorable past experiences are actually a balance in your life.  Its showing you to look where you are now instead of where you aren't.  There is progress in being a step forward that not moving at all.  There is great wisdom within you when you can embrace how far you've come rather then punish yourself for anything less.  Everything happens for a reason and each moment is present in your life to show you the way.  You are never not-guided by your experiences. An affirmational  quote from the angels to recite:  "My life is always showing me how to come back into balance." 

February: "Your Word"  This month is all about your mantra. Your personal mood/goal. What one word describes your mission along your path. What one word will help uplift you?  Breathe that word in. Say it aloud, or to yourself. Meditate.  Decorate with it. This word will remind you of your life purpose. Once that word doesn't vibrate with you anymore, choose another that best describes where you're currently going next along on your path.  

March: "Crystal Bath" This month might need some extra cleansing or clearer perspectives.  Connect with your favorite crystals or research ones that embody what your looking to heal from.  Keep this crystal near you as a reminder to see the bigger picture--embrace clearer perspectives and to remain strong along your path no matter what comes your way.  

April:  "Sacred"  You are cherished my dear. There is only one you.  Your life is indeed precious.  You are an important part in this world.  Start to truly believe and see this and that you are free to create the life you want to live. There really are no restrictions unless you believe so.  You are safe to express your uniqueness and creativity.  Your beacon of light that you shine, is an inspiration to others.  Be present in the moment and all the parts of self--mental, physical, spiritual, emotional will come alive.

May: "Knowing"  There are so many resources within you -- some you have tapped into--some you haven't yet.  There is a force within you that has been trying to answer your prayers/questions. Be still.  Listen.   This force is showing you the way.  Breathe.  Breathe in this knowledge -- that you do know more than you think.  Be present.    Open your heart and look inward.  All the answers are there.  You know what to do.

June: "Honor You" The most important relationship you will ever have in life, is with yourself.  You are your own best friend and a healthy relationship with yourself--mind, body and spirit together will balance you and not make you resist self.  No more putting yourself down or allowing others to.  Its time to harmonize all parts of self.  An angelic affirmation you can recite daily:  
"I love you.  I accept you as you are, you are important and your life counts."

July:  "Weave Your Life" We are all "weavers" -- every moment we are all creating the life we want or the life we don't.  Don't procrastinate another moment!  Keep creating, building, loving, dreaming.  The present is all that matters, not what happened yesterday and not what could be tomorrow, but right now--your very thoughts are shaping your life. So choose your words, thoughts wisely.  Don't doubt for a second that all the good that is coming to you is too good to be true. You willed this beautiful experience toward meet it with open arms!  Step forward and be your purpose!

August: "Lightworker" There is more creation to be experienced here for as being a lightworker means you spread love and light to all where there was once darkness and fear. You don't have to be a professional lightworker to do this. We each have this gift within us and it illuminates, activates when we want to see big change in this world and when we want to be the change and inspiration for others.  Let your light shine and show that we are all connected on this Earth!

September: "Agreements" Remember the intentions you set forth in the beginning of the year.  Are you still using "your word" as discussed in February's message?  Everything is balancing itself out.  We are all living our own life purpose, but the underlining theme for us all is love--to love ourselves and to share that love with others and let others see that too.  We truly are all beings of love and light.  Things will occur to balance this and remind us of that fact.  Remember what you agreed to make out of your life and those in it.  

October:  "Animals" Our pets and animals in nature--live in the now.  We can learn a lot from them. They are resourceful, patient.   They have a way of communicating and embracing their instincts. These very abilities can be found in us as well.  We need to embrace our originality more rather than compare our lives to others.  We are all connected and can contribute to this life accordingly.  Life will stop "resisting" you when you flow with the simplicity and basics of life that can be found. Be in the now. Trust your gut. Act on kindness not on anger.

November: "Balance" The components of balance is the right amount of resistance and tension to allow things to expand and grow and develop into an even more beautiful life to behold.  Without dark, we can't appreciate the light.  Without some trial and tribulations, we sometimes can't understand our fullest potential. We must embrace all experiences that enter into our lives and ask, "What are these moments trying to showing me or how to be as a person?"  An angelic affirmational quote when things may seem like they're going differently than planned: "Thank you. Thank you for showing me what I really don't want and reminding me to come back to my balanced place where I will be inspired to create what I do want.  I am willing to experience all things, for in doing so I become clearer with my highest loving path. Namaste."

December: "Inspired Action" Its time to get into alignment with your actions and your feelings.  When you feel something its trying to show you a way.  Every feeling has a vibrational match that we respond to.  When you feel tired, you know its time to rest.  When you feel love, you want to then express it. With this, we are shown that everything happens energetically first and then the physical aspect than occurs.  We tend to feel out of alignment when we want the physical action to occur first without allowing the energetic aspect to connect first. For instance, I want that new job already, I want a new home, etc. This backward experience will leave you feeling frustrated and impatient with life's process.  Train yourself to feel first,  that very feeling of  what you want and have your inspired feeling connect  and prompt you to that better action of your physical goal.

It was honor to intuitively pick these above cards from Denise Jarvie's Flower of Life Cards, Wisdom of Astar.  I felt it fitting to use these cards for the new year, as they are symbols of creating and connecting with the energy that radiates inside us to breathe life into all possibilities waiting to be explored. Here you create new extensions of self which becomes the expressions you want your life to represent.  There is no limit to the empowerment you will feel when you truly listen to yourself.

Thank you for allowing yourself the time to enhance your life's experiences for 2019 
and beyond!

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

Andrea R. Freeman


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

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Ok—so you survived Black Friday, Cyber Monday—or Green Monday--whatever its called these days--you’ve crossed off some of the “big gift items” for either your family, friends, or coworkers.  However, what do you purchase for those that are a bit more difficult to shop for? Or for the ones that say, “get me whatever.” What can you buy that goes beyond the basic/obvious gifts such as cologne/perfume, a tie, watch, handbag, gift cards, etc.?  This week, let’s go beyond the typical materialistic presents for the holidays, and let’s explore more creative, sentimental options!

          Gift of Memories:

If you’re shopping for someone that you know loves to travel or who wishes he/she could travel more, you might want to consider surprising them with a vacation. Whether its via cruise, a flight, train ride, take your pick.   It doesn't have to be a vacation that breaks your wallet.  Plan something that you can manage that enables your gift recipient  to explore new worlds/cultures, cuisine, and  new activities that will leave them with lasting impressions and everlasting smiles.  You can book mini getaways, such as a bed and breakfast, weekend trip to a cabin, fishing trip, canoeing, skiing, beach town locations, etc.  The key is to give the gift of seeing the world a bit differently --- even if it’s right in your own city/state! Sometimes we take for granted where we live and don't explore enough right in our own backyard.   

 Gift of Entertainment:
If there’s someone in your life that has a favorite band, singer, or loves Broadway shows, then giving the gift of concerts, plays or the opera would be your best bet! These days there’s all kinds of VIP access to certain concerts which would add as an additional bonus! You can enable this person to finally get to see their favorite artist or add to the amount of times they’ve already attended the artist’s venue. 

              Gift of Sports:

Know anyone who is a baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, football fan?   Perhaps buying season tickets for that person or tickets to the World Series, etc., would definitely make for an exciting gift.  Sports can also extend beyond watching anything athletic—perhaps someone you know always wanted to learn how to ski, ice skate, snowboard, etc.  You might want to consider buying lesson packages for any particular sport. 

             Gift of Personalized Items:

Presents that can be engraved, embroidered or screen printed really add that special touch to a person’s holiday or any time of the year.  You can engrave jewelry, plaques, picture frames, jewelry boxes, drinking glasses, bracelets, etc.  My husband Anthony, works in an embroidery/screen printing store called Spartan Embroidery in Staten Island, New York.  During the holidays, he receives tons of orders for embroidered jackets, shirts, canvas bags, or other items for screen printing.  It’s a fun gift and can be very sentimental.   

             Gift of Photos:

Every year, I go on and create holiday cards, calendars, photo books, pillows and blankets with pictures transferred onto them, design special frames, and so much more detailed home d├ęcor items.  Every year I also make a calendar for my husband and I usually theme it to whatever our last vacation was.  He expects this gift every year! I remember one year I didn't make him one and he was so disappointed -- that's how much he loves it!  You can also design jewelry with pictures as well and ornaments for someone's Christmas tree on Shutterfly.  I actually designed as well jewelry with images of my grandparents who have passed away—as a gift  to myself to always have them close to my heart.

             Gift of Creativity:

You may have very hands on—crafty people to shop for and one of the best places to go for items like this is either Michaels,  AC Moore or any other craft store that’s near your location.  These craft stores house so many items that you can construct, paint and decorate—for instance bird cages, baskets, lanterns, frames, jewelry, vases, floral arrangements, holiday decorations, crocheting, etc.  Craft stores are a great place to shop for additions for someone’s small business like signage making.  You can also purchase coloring books for adults!!!  

Having holiday ornaments personalized with family, friend or coworker's names on them is such a heartwarming gift because they can represent  special achievements in their lives -- for example--baby's first Christmas, New Home, #1 Teacher, etc.  

Other ways of being crafty and creative—maybe you can surprise someone with a home or room makeover or a garage overhaul.  Perhaps give the gift of detailing someone’s car or restoring and old one, or even customize a motorcycle for someone you know who has one.

   Gift of Painting:

If you're like me and love to paint, you'll love going to either Pinot's Palette or Paint & Sip or any painting place near you.  There's Pinot's Palettes where I live and its an incredible place to paint at any skill level and drink wine, soda, juice etc and listen to music.  Perhaps you might want to gift someone who also likes to paint and make it a group effort! The more the merrier! 
              Gift of Well Being:

            Who isn't stressed these days and needs to recharge! If you know someone who is very conscious of their health or needs a positive shift for their well-being, you may want to consider giving a holistic type gift to that person. You can give gift certificates to Reiki sessions, Acupuncture, Spa/Massage treatments, Facials, Hair and Nail appointments, Yoga and Pilate classes, Psychic or Mediumship Readings, Angel Card Readings, crystal energy gifts, essential oil, aroma therapy, exercise equipment, etc.  Presents like these would very much help center and balance someone to living a more healthier lifestyle -- mentally, physically and emotionally. 

            Gift of Cuisine:

            Do you have family members who love to cook, but their recipes are scattered everywhere or do you know someone in your family that wants to learn your recipes?  Consider making a special cook book using supplies at a craft store or going on and creating a special cook book of recipes.  This delicious gift will definitely be one that will keep on giving, but you're also be sharing the gift of learning about the family's traditions and cultures.   

           You can give that special someone a cooking class gift and have them signed up somewhere in their area.  Perhaps that person always wanted to learn how to bake, cook in a more gluten free or vegan approach.  

            Gift certificates toward a favorite restaurant or surprise  restaurant reservation that is usually hard to arrange are cool options. My husband's Aunt every year gets us different restaurant gift certificates in Staten Island and we look forward to it every time because we get to explore places we didn't know were in our area..   

            Perhaps you can surprise your loved one by making your own special dinner at home as a pre- gift before going to see a play or other event.  Maybe you know a wine enthusiast and you can purchase special wines to add to their collection or even take them to winery or even Tuscany, Italy!

               Gift of Imagination:

            If you know someone who LOVES to read like me, definitely keep up-to-date with what that person reads or is interested in yet reading and  add it to their library.  You can also purchase beautifully themed bookends or book shelves or even build a book shelf for someone.  Surprising someone with a trip to their local library for their favorite author book signing, or historic libraries are other possibilities.

              Gift of Collecting:

            If there's someone on your list that loves to collect, baseball cards, stamps, angel figurines, pins, antiques, shot glasses, tools, patches, car parts, classic movies, fishing hooks, etc., helping add to someone's collection really shows that you pay attention to detail.  You are also getting them closer to their goal of what they want to collect.

            Always remember, during this time of year, try not to stress.  Try not to think spending so much money on one person is the answer to a great gift.   I know it may seem easier said that done, but when you think about it --- no matter what you decide to gift someone, as long as its from the heart, and there's positive intentions behind your purchase, you can't go wrong. Those special someones will be honored that they were thought of and will feel appreciative of the time you put aside in showing how much they matter in your life. 

Happy shopping and have a wonderful, loving and safe holiday season!

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,
Andrea R. Freeman

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Thriving with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to December, where the holidays are in full swing, kindness, cheer and charity is in the air, and snow may keep us in doors for a day or two. For some though, transitioning into December is viewed more as a less than flattering time with shorter daylight hours and relentless colder temperatures. 

You leave for work in the morning—it’s dark.  You come home at night from work—it’s dark once again. All you want to do is just jump into bed and stay indoors instead of going out with friends.  It’s frigid outside, even though you're wearing multiple layers looking like Randy from the movie, A Christmas Story when he’s too bundled up in his snow suit.  (If you haven’t watched this iconic 1983 holiday movie—don’t waste any more time not knowing it!) - But I digress…

During Standard Time (turning the clocks back one hour), you probably don’t see much sunlight during the day, either because you’re stuck in the office, or its one of those cloudy/rainy days.  This all could make anyone not particularly a fan of the Fall/Winter months.  For others though, it could go deeper than just not liking those seasons.  There are those that get deeply  affected by the changes of the colder months on a whole other level, and it’s actually a form of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder, (SAD).  

If you know you’re already affected by this, you’ll notice that SAD begins and ends typically the same time each year for you.  Most who have SAD start to see signs at the start of the Fall and continue well into the Winter.  Some symptoms include feeling moody and drained—but more than usual.  Believe it or not, there are those that also experience SAD in the Spring and Summer.  There are other warning signs involved with SAD that you might not have realized, but thankfully there are ways to treat it.  

Spring and Summer days are considered by many their favorite because there’s always a reason to be outside basking in the warm air  due to more sunlight and longer daylight hours.  The shine from the sun also elevates your mood and replenishes you with Vitamin D.  So when Fall and Winter approach, we definitely see a change in the weather and our perspective of what we think we're limited to accomplishing outside, due to the colder temperatures.       

Symptoms of SAD may include:

·         Feeling depressed daily- and a good portion of each day
·         Loss of interest in your favorite activities
·         Feeling drained/sluggish or agitated
·         Problems sleeping
·         Changes in your appetite or weight
·         Difficulty concentrating
·         Feeling hopeless, unworthy or guilty
·         Frequent thoughts of death or suicide

Symptoms of Fall/Winter SAD:  a.k.a Winter Depression:
·         Oversleeping
·         Appetite Changes – especially craving  high carbohydrates
·         Weight gain
·         Frequently Tired

Symptoms of Spring/Summer (SAD) a.k.a – Summer Depression:
·         Insomnia
·         Weight loss
·         Appetite low
·         Agitated or high anxiety

Bi-Polar Disorder Affected by Seasonal Changes:
·         Some people may experience mania or less intense forms of mania (hypomania) during the Spring/Summer.  Mania is an abnormally elated mental state involving periods of euphoria, lack of inhibitions, racing thoughts, a diminished need for sleep, talkativeness, risk taking, and irritability.  For the Fall/Winter – there could be signs of depression.

So why are some people affected by seasonal changes?  The concrete reason is still unknown, but there may be some conclusions.  Possibly a person’s biological clock may be affected.  The reduced level of sunlight in the cooler seasons may trigger SAD.  Less sunlight may disrupt your body’s internal clock and may lead to depression.  A drop in serotonin which is the brain chemical that affects your mood, might be another reason which is caused by reduced sunlight. 

 Melatonin levels may be unbalanced causing lack of sleep and ranges of emotion.  Women seem to be diagnosed more than men for SAD and in younger adults.  Your family history and having major depression or bio-polar symptoms in general, may also increase the chances of having SAD.  You might even live far from the equator—far north or south. 
Below are ways to break free from SAD, but first--if you feel the following solutions aren’t working, you may want to see a doctor if you continue to feel more than usual-- socially withdrawn--isolated, mood swings, have frequent school or work problems, turn to substance abuse, develop mental health disorders such as anxiety or eating disorders, and have constant thoughts suicidal or behavior.

Ten Ways To Treat SAD:

Exercise:  In the Winter, it may be hard to exercise outside, but try working out at home while watching work-out videos, joining classes or signing up to a gym.  Exercise with someone you know that can also motivate you.  Movement is key so even just dancing in your home is still exercising.

·         Plan get-togethers: Keep yourself active by making plans with friends to see a movie, paint, go out to dinner, see a play, go to a concert, etc.  You can even make plans to visit each other's homes--you don't have to travel far.

·         Plan a Vacation:  Try to schedule a vacation somewhere warm.  You don’t have to break your wallet to do so-just find a place that’s at least ten to twenty degrees warmer than where you currently live now.

·         Try to go outside when it’s cold: Even though the temperatures may be chilly, just standing outside for a few minutes to be in the sun in some way, may help you feel that there’s still  light around you.

·         Open your shades/ Decorate your home:  Let the sunlight into your home by lifting up all the shades, blinds or open your shutters.  To constantly stay in darkness will make your mood drop.  Decorate a part of your house that you most frequent in lighter, brighter colors and add warmth to that room with color, objects, themes, fabrics, memories, etc.

·         Eat healthy and drink more water:  Try not to eat heavy or extremely  filling foods.  What you intake adds to how you emotionally will feel though time.  If you start to eat for example more organic, or gluten free foods, you might notice a difference.  Clear your system also by drinking eight – eight ounce glasses daily. 

·         Reiki/Yoga/Pilates/Meditation:  Practicing any of these natural healing methods can help reduce stress, bring balance, more flexibility, clarity, strength, confidence, and more energy to your mind, body and soul.

·         See a therapist or take a holistic – medical approach:  Talking to someone about how you’re feeling will enable you to free yourself from heavy lingering thoughts you might have.  There may be other options to explore without the need of prescription drugs.  Perhaps acupuncture?  Seeing a nutrionist?

·         Bring nature to you:  Place plants or flowers by your bed or in your home. Listen to nature music with classical sounds added. Light scented candles reminiscent of nature.  When you combine these together, it will help you feel more connected to the outside even if you can’t be where it’s warmer.  Dan Gibson’s Solitude Music Collection is a perfect of example of this. 

·         Light Box Therapy actually is a popular way to cope with mild Seasonal Affective Disorder. This  imitates the Sun’s rays and can be used every day in your home.  Using the light box in the morning, preferably would give you the most results as it will motivate you at the start of your day.  You can have this box on while you’re doing your normal routine in the morning such as laundry, cleaning, cooking, talking on the phone, reading, etc. 

If you find there are other ways that you treat SAD that aren’t mentioned above, please—keep doing what works best for you and if you want to switch-up your results, possibly add in the other ten above.  It’s all up to you and what you’re comfortable with.   

I can definitely say, I feel in some way the affects of shorter daylight hours—sometimes when coming home from work, I feel it’s already late by the time I get home and the thought of going to the gym, or any other activities  after work seems too much to fathom. I’d just rather curl up on the couch with a blanket and stay cozy.  Other times on the weekend, I think it’s already 9pm on a Sunday night, but in actuality it’s only 6pm.  I also feel that frustrated feeling mid part of Winter, when you’ve just had enough of wearing your “Eskimo coat” every day.    
What I try to do, to cope with the Winter blues, is: look forward to the holidays, watch holiday movies, drink hot chocolate, listen to music that makes me feel energized, practice Yoga and Pilates, and find the time to give myself “me time” at home.  This ranges from catching up on my reading, writing, anything around the house that needs to get done, and making time for friends and family.
Remember, there’s nothing wrong with seeking guidance and extra help if treating SAD on your own gets complicated.  It’s better to be honest with yourself and seek out solutions then struggle and lose control of how you feel.  Stay warm, inspired and comforted this Fall/Winter my friends!

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,
Andrea R. Freeman

Resources for this article from the following websites: 
Active Beat and The Mayo Clinic.