Thursday, September 28, 2017

Angelic Seasonal Comfort Message - Autumn 2017

Hello Everyone!

Where has the Summer gone!?!?  I can't believe we are already at the end of September and it still feels temperature-wise like Summer here in New York, even though we are in the Autumn season.    It has definitely been a busy Summer  for me--where do I start? 

First, I'm very honored to be in two of my friends bridal parties, so part of my Summer has been preparing for those. I had a wonderful book signing in Bethany Beach, Delaware, plus a Summer Expo conducting Angel Readings at the Hilton in Staten Island NY.  I interviewed my Godchild-Singer, Songwriter Tayla Rees for the site I write for Muddled Millennial, and have been working/researching for one of my next books.  So I definitely have been very M.I.A for the past few months and my apologies greatly because I miss posting here for you all.  Now that things are some-what winding down, I plan to post more, plus keeping you up-to-date on other  new writing projects and Angelic Workshops I'll be conducting. 

I hope that your Summer was productive, fun and most importantly full of happiness and laughs. I hope that you have made it a memorable one and that you are starting to set goals toward our current season. I also hope that you've been connecting more with your Guardian Angels and feeling their guidance, inspiration and comfort.

Before I relay our Autumn Energetic Message, I must express my extreme concern for this Summer's-end hurricanes, Harvey, Irma and Maria, that have brought unthinkable devastation to all areas affected.  Please do whatever you can to help bring support and relief to all, whether its money donations, items to be dropped off, volunteering and praying.  Anything and everything we do is a ripple effect toward change, recovery and balance!  Check your listings online on where you can donate and leave drop-offs in your area.  Two sites that I've donated to are:

Angelic Seasonal Comfort Message ~ "Positivity, Faith & Optimism"

Oracle Card from Doreen Virtue's Angel of Abundance Deck
The card I intuitively drawn for today--I thought  was quite fitting because I've sensed with those I know, and even sometimes myself lately, so much demand for planning things to go a certain way in various important areas of our lives.  For some, you may feel there have been major set-backs, no relief in sight, and the need to lean on the negative way of thinking why things aren't flowing.

Your Angels want you to realize that anything you are striving for, no matter how big or small is all made of energy--whether its a new house, better finances, health, relationships, etc.  How you nurture that energy makes all the difference in the outcome of what your trying to accomplish.  What stands in our way most of the time is worry and fear that we are behind than other's status in life. 

I sometimes have had those moments where I feel based on certain experiences, that I'm not where I'd like to be in my life. The frustration, lack of motivation and numbness toward the mundane routine, starts to develop and can be so extreme at times.   However, in admitting my emotions, working with the Angels and those who support me, and building patience , there is relief in sight!  

Autumn represents abundance in all forms--the harvest--what you reap you sow.  Within this, your Angels are letting you know that all the hard work you've put into your endeavors is not for nothing. I know it seems the opposite when there are no current - concrete answers/solutions that your looking for, but have faith that there is something even better that you can imagine being developed for you aligning you with what you have prepared for.  Remain hopeful that there is an endless support system - God and your Angels waiting to help you (if you allow them in - free will) to give you the resources you need based on every situation, and the more positive aspects you focus on in your life, the more your mood is elevated to see where your being guided. 

Like everything, it takes time, so each day will bring you closer to realizations and the life that has been waiting for you.  Its a combination of what you put into it, faith and divine timing.  Your path is still the right one--you may have to make a bit of teaks along the way, but know that only good can come to you if you allow it in, and remember what your initial intentions prior to setting forth on your journey was.  You can rediscover yourself in miraculous ways--showing you things you never knew you were capable of.  Don't you worry--the energy is shifting--you are coming into light!

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Guidance, Inspiration and Comfort always,
Andrea =)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Angelic Seasonal Comfort Message - Summer

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone!!!!

Those of us who are celebrating the first day of this energetic season, are ecstatic about the longer hours of daylight, beach days ahead, bbq planning and just simply being out in the sun (protect your skin wisely of course!)  Well--we've made it! Its finally here!!!!

As some of  you may know, I've not been on this site as frequently as I'd like to be--I've been working on my next book plus leading various workshops.  However--I definitely wanted to make sure I made time to send your Angels' guidance for Summer's energy.  My goal is to try and get back into writing once a week for this blog.  You can though also follow me at the Muddled Millennial blog site where I also contribute articles there.  You can click below to view all my articles posted thus far:

Muddled Millennial Posts

Angelic Seasonal Comfort Message:  "New Beginnings"

I intuitively selected this card from Doreen Virtue's Healing With The Angels Oracle Card Deck.  One might think that this card would show more for the beginning of Spring since its the season known for renewal-and it very well might be so.  However it's making its presence known for this Summer's energetic reading, and its just as meaningful.

Often times, a lot of us feel more energized in the Summer; they feel more alive during June--through mid September.  Summer represents taking action, being in the action, fun/carefree moments, gatherings, and a chance to use all your abilities toward your life purpose. 

Something new whether its career wise, relationship, health, etc., is shifting toward new opportunities/possibilities for you.  Now is the time to embrace what has been revealed to you or that you've been planning toward, and take that leap of action toward bringing your goals to fruition.  Move forward fearlessly toward what will improve your life.

I love the imagery on this card as it also holds a personal meaning for me--possibly it reveals the same for you...I have two very wonderful, beautiful friends who are getting married this year, and this card confirms the joining of their commitment and the wonderful new journey that awaits them.  And that is what Summer holds--that chance for you--living up to your intentions,  to step out of your comfort zone, try something new, expand on your talents, add new experiences/memories into your life, jump-start your carreer, revitalize your soul, whatever it is--this season holds lots of movement and energetic awakenings from the light.

Make this a summer to remember! And as always, ask your Angels to give you courage, determination and the strength to move forward along your path.

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

Andrea =)
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Look forward to connecting!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Angelic Seasonal Comfort Message ~ Spring

Hello Everyone,

I'm a bit late posting this, but it was for good reasons!  I had a beautiful, energetic weekend at the Holistic Spring Expo in Staten Island, NY, on Saturday and held an Angelic Workshop on Sunday: guiding those to discover who their Guardian Angels are.  The picture below is from the expo, where I met such wonderful people that connected to my heart.  It was a day of conducting Angel Readings and discussing my book:  Messages From My Grandparents in Heaven.  I'm also preparing for another book signing/discussion event on Staten Island, details are also below.  (Further below is your energetic message for Spring.)

Your Angelic Seasonal Comfort Message for Spring is:  
"The Timing is Now For New Ventures."

Spring's energy definitely always ushers in freshnes, vitality, rebirth, and carefree emotions.  This season you will also notice the pieces to your personal puzzle, falling into place.  All the energy work you've been doing, research, planning, healing, patience, motivation, time effort, etc., has now brought you to a place where you can meet the end product.  Whether its a personal venture regarding health, relationships or family, career, or life purpose, change in living location, whatever it might be, you are more than qualified to reap the positive outcomes and expectations of it.

Everything you hoped would be and all the positive vibes you've kept circulating has allowed you to connect with what is meant for you.  You can still consult your angels during this time, incase there are moments where you need to be a bit flexible to any changes that might need attention to, however, the bottom line is you will be in a much more comfortable, happier position in life than ever before.  

All the lessons you've learned, and the patience of divine timing has made you receptive to what has always been aligned for you.  When you move forward fearlessly and listen to the guidance of your guardian angels, you will only attract the good into your life.

Don't delay--the time is now!!!!

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Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,


Friday, March 10, 2017

Angelic Monthly Guidance for March

Hello Everyone,

So as I mentioned in my last post, I'm a bit late in posting this month's angelic message, but there's still plenty of time to apply the angels' energetic guidance for our current month.

I decided to use Doreen Virtue's Archangel Power Tarot cards and intuitively chose:

"Solutions ~ Archangel Zadkiel"

Archangel Tarot takes the wisdom of tarot and softens it with the symbolism of angel card readings, and within this deck, your connected with your the Archangels whom specializes in certain areas of your life.

This card is full of "message imagery" and one of the items I wanted to share with you first is the number "14" at the top of the card.  This number broken down in angel numbers is "5"   1+4= (5)

Five represents changes that are occurring in your life, but with these changes comes an opportunity for growth.  To further confirm that this card is extremely focusing on change for you--this particular card is part of the major arcana section of the deck also representing major life changes.  If someone has been experiencing a shift or a much needed one--this card is definitely meant for you.

Archangel Zadkiel as depicted on this card, is holding two cups of water which are being filled and emptied at the same time.  This suggests that balance is needed and within that balance you are never without lack of anything. ( I will explain balance further in this post). The sun is shining behind him and a flame lit in front of him suggesting , the worst as happened and is now gone and the eternal spark within you can never dim regardless of what negativity has swirled around you.  The flowers that are all around him portray that the newness is blossoming around you. 

Archangel Zadkiel is known to assist in remembering aspects of your life whether its in this lifetime or other lifetimes.  He also enables you to forgive whether its of yourself or others.  Returning  to the theme of balance in your life--Archangel Zadkiel will help you heal parts of yourself where you were impatient with yourself or others and compromise in healthy ways in connecting with others to developing more positive solutions in your life.  Positive solutions of  others or your past experiences will help shape your future opportunities.

If you have felt  stressed or confused about what needs to be done next in your life--there are solutions all around you--the idea though is to be centered and balanced to recognize them.  A lot has transpired lately for you and now it takes patience and the willingness to also have others help you.  You don't have to take the burden all on your own. 

You can pray to Archangel Zadkiel if you wish or to whomever you are comfortable with in helping you find  creative solutions through compromise and healing energy. 

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Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

Have a fruitful & productive weekend!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Upcoming Events

Yikes!!!! Sooooo, I haven't been on here since end of  last year!!!! Where has the time gone!!!

Definitely much  has been developing...planning a lot of events/workshops which I'm thrilled about--all of which I'll share with you here.  Plus been doing podcasts with the site I write for...The Muddled Millennial, & working on my second book.

This week I will post the Angelic Monthly Guidance Message for March.

April is going to be a busy Angelic month....

For further details on each event I mention in this post,
please visit the events section of my site below:

Honored to be part of this Holistic Event among other Lightworkers.  I'll be conducting  Angel Readings, & Selling/Signing my book.

April 22: I'll be at Zen Trading Post in Staten Island NY for a book signing/discussion

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Winter Solstice & 2017 Angelic Messages

Hello Everyone,

As promised, here are the angelic messages for the winter season and 2017....

Winter Solstice:

I decided to work with the Indigo Oracle cards from Doreen and Charles Virtue.  This deck centers around understanding the sensitivities we sometimes have and being honest with what we are feeling.  Since Winter can sometimes feel harsh for some--due to longer hours without sunlight and colder temps, I felt this deck was appropriate to channel this seasonal message.

Time To Create:  Even though winter is a time for hibernation, its a perfect time to go within and reevaluate your life.  This card suggests to come up with creative ways to become more of who you want to be and to tap into more of what you are deserving of.  With the new year approaching, this is a great way to start setting goals or nurturing plans toward what you want to take action on.  Be expressive---let your colors shine--let your ideas flow.  Think outside the box and don't hold back on what makes you unique in every aspect of your life.  Get creative! Turn the everyday into extraordinary.  Make the best out of what is and look at things with a different perspective.  Make things interesting.  You are the creator of your own life--your choices, actions and feelings.  


I felt compelled to use Archangel Michael oracle cards, also from Doreen Virtue to help us usher in a new year especially when a new year always comes with unknowns.  Archangel Michael represents confidence, protection, courage, strength and guidance through changes in life.  

Innocence: Archangel Michael wants you to see the innocence within you and others.  We are all here to learn and grow based on our own individual life purposes.  What we have experienced in the past are the tools we need to move forward with our future with clarity and understanding.  Start the new year literally on a new foot remembering that its never too late to start anew.  You may ask Archangel Michael to comfort you at this time of the new year transition, and help you let go of any lower energies you have of yourself.  Forgive yourself and others for what may have transpired in 2016 and move forward in knowing that holding on to negative energy will only keep holding you back in life.  

Forgiveness in others doesn't justify what the other person has done--but that you no longer wish to hold on to lower emotions or energies that no longer suit you.  Forgiving yourself enables you to see that you only knew what you did based on what you were capable to experience thus far.  Let go of guilt, shame, fear, doubt, anger, worry, etc.,  either toward yourself and others. Bring in new energy for the coming year.  Don't focus on your shortcomings but focus on your abilities as well as others.

If you choose, you can say the following prayer and envision purple healing light surrounding you, or someone that you want the prayer to be for....

"Dear God and angels, thank you for helping me see that all of your qualities of pure love and light are reflected within me and all others.  Help me embrace my God given innocence so that I may be at peace."

Have a happy, healthy, safe, creative, and nurturing 2017!

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Holiday Greetings

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season.  I've been quite busy this month prepping for the holidays, working on my writing projects and also my online contributions to the Muddled Millennial.  I will return tomorrow with an Angelic message for the Winter season (sorry I'm a bit late with that), and I will also post our Angels messages for 2017.

I'd like to share today though, my latest article from the Muddled Millennial......

New Year's Eve gives us all another chance to reinvent ourselves—another chance at life.  Resolutions though can be stressful for some people as they feel they must create elaborate goals. My article below discusses a more nurturing approach to making resolutions--as it was inspired by the angels when I channeled their messages.... 

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Angelic Monthly Guidance ~ December

Hello Everyone!

Hope all is well on your end and that the holiday season that is upon us, is bringing you a positive pep in your step! 

So, its definitely been a while since I last posted.  As I mentioned last time, I'm currently working on my next book...a comical, travel story.  I've also just recently joined the writing online team for the Muddled Millennial--a site devoted to inspiring and empowering its readers through daily life experiences.  You can check out the creative writers  bios and articles here:

Wanted to share with you another fun happening, coming up--

This Saturday, December 3rd from 3pm--5pm, I will be attending The Changes Health & Wellness Expo in Staten Island NY.  I will be discussing  Angel Card Readings and my book, Messages From My Grandparents In Heaven.  There will also be yoga instructors, Reiki healing, Vegan gluten free cooking demonstrations, a Kangen water distributor (please see my article on The Muddled Millennial regarding this), and essential oils demonstrations.  So if you're in the area and/or know someone who lives in the area--stop by 3173 Richmond Road, S.I. NY 10306
There's plenty samplings as you can see of fitness and wellness, and its free!

So! On to our Angel's Guidance for December...

I intuitively felt the need to draw a card from  Doreen and Charles Virtue's deck - Indigo Angels.  this deck centers around speaking your truth with integrity and coping with sensitive energies that one might experience. This deck I also felt would be beneficial since we are now midst the holidays.

December's message is "You Already Know"  As simple as this message may seem--it holds quite a powerful meaning.

Card image from Indigo Angel Oracle Deck
This card is for those of you who have been procrastinating in making decisions, or for those of you who simply already know what to do, but is second guessing yourself. This applies to any area in your life.   Are you letting fears and doubts interfere with trusting your intuition and believing the guidance/signs that your angels are relaying to you daily? 

This card suggests to go back to basics--the simplicity in life, and realize that you don't have to make what's occurring in your life, too complicated.  Have faith and confidence that the guided messages you are receiving are truly that.  If the messages feel comforting, warm and from a centered state--then you know its coming from a loving place-- the right path for you.  If its a path you know will not only benefit you, but benefit others as well--then this is another sign to move forward. 

The question to ask yourself when confirming what you already know, or making decisions -- is to ask, "Will this bring progress and growth into my life?"

Always ask your angels for clear, regular and recognizable signs when making decisions and awaiting your angels' guided messages.

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Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Angelic Monthly Guidance Message ~ November 2016

Hello Everyone,

WOW!!! Two months left of 2016! Where has the time gone?!?! My mind is still stuck in August, --still can't let summer go, lol! 

Wanted to share with you all some exciting news before we get into this month's energy message.  I'm now a featured writer for: The Muddled Millennial-- a site that empowers women and men through everyday stories and experiences. I invite you to check out my first article for this week and please share with others. There are also other articles from  writers to read and you can leave comments under the articles and chat with other writers and well as myself.
Spread the word! Enjoy!

November's Monthly Guidance Message is: 

Love, Blessings & Harmonious Times Surrounding Your Life

Photo credit: Photography by Colleen Rose & Bunnie & Clyde Productions

For this month's reading, I intuitively drew a card from Doreen Virtue's Archangel Tarot Oracle Deck, and the message comes from Ten of Raphael.  In Angel numbers, ten is broken down into the number "1" which means new beginnings whether in a project or any area of your life.  Raphael is the Archangel of healing and he is also centered around emotional aspects of your life including love of all forms.  

This card is so comforting because it shows you that you will start to see a newfound sense of love and beauty within your life.  You will begin to see this month, whether its family relationships or romantic partner relationships, a sense of peace and things flowing and working together harmoniously.  

Its very much a healing month for you in this area and this new experience of serenity for you is well deserved. You will feel that relationships are more fruitful and flow with ease.  Your Angels remind you here as well that no matter what day-to-day stress that might creep in your life--to look upon the blessings that surround you regarding your family and the love and closeness you have for each other.  Remember, family can take many forms--it could be in friendships--even co-workers.  Embrace this transition!

This month's message is very fitting especially since its a time of reflection of what we are thankful for and recognizing abundance all around us in various forms.  

(If you would like a  more detailed--personal, please inquire, and I can arrange a session.)

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,