Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Angelic Seasonal Comfort Message ~ Spring

Hello Everyone,

I'm a bit late posting this, but it was for good reasons!  I had a beautiful, energetic weekend at the Holistic Spring Expo in Staten Island, NY, on Saturday and held an Angelic Workshop on Sunday: guiding those to discover who their Guardian Angels are.  The picture below is from the expo, where I met such wonderful people that connected to my heart.  It was a day of conducting Angel Readings and discussing my book:  Messages From My Grandparents in Heaven.  I'm also preparing for another book signing/discussion event on Staten Island, details are also below.  (Further below is your energetic message for Spring.)

Your Angelic Seasonal Comfort Message for Spring is:  
"The Timing is Now For New Ventures."

Spring's energy definitely always ushers in freshnes, vitality, rebirth, and carefree emotions.  This season you will also notice the pieces to your personal puzzle, falling into place.  All the energy work you've been doing, research, planning, healing, patience, motivation, time effort, etc., has now brought you to a place where you can meet the end product.  Whether its a personal venture regarding health, relationships or family, career, or life purpose, change in living location, whatever it might be, you are more than qualified to reap the positive outcomes and expectations of it.

Everything you hoped would be and all the positive vibes you've kept circulating has allowed you to connect with what is meant for you.  You can still consult your angels during this time, incase there are moments where you need to be a bit flexible to any changes that might need attention to, however, the bottom line is you will be in a much more comfortable, happier position in life than ever before.  

All the lessons you've learned, and the patience of divine timing has made you receptive to what has always been aligned for you.  When you move forward fearlessly and listen to the guidance of your guardian angels, you will only attract the good into your life.

Don't delay--the time is now!!!!

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