Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Your New Year's Resolution: "Be Happy"

Hello Everyone!

New Year's Eve is upon us & 2015 gives us all another chance to reinvent ourselves.  Resolutions can stress some people as they feel they must come up with elaborate goals.  Others may even feel that since they didn't stick to the ones they set out last year...why bother now?

However, there is a simple, stress-free, yet  still effective resolution you can set for yourself, which will set off a ripple effect of good things to follow...

"Be Happy!"

Promise yourself, that in 2015, you will smile more, laugh more, & surround yourself with people that will make you do & feel all of this.

Promise yourself that you will only involve yourself in situations that will truly bring happiness into your life, your heart-- & be drama free.  When you start with this, anything wonderful is possible & you can attract so much good into your life.

Have a safe, healthy and joyous new year everyone!

~Andrea~ <3