Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Angelic Messages for The Close of 2017

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful & bountiful Thanksgiving! Mine was quiet this year, but just as special.

I wanted to discuss some angelic messages that will help you prepare for the start of the holiday season & also what's to energetically be for the close of 2017.

First, I'd like to share with you my latest article from the lifestyle online magazine, the Muddled Millennial.  This article reveals all the different reasons you can be thankful in your life & not just on Thanksgiving Day.  This will definitely set the tone for this holiday season & also how to start the New Year on the right foot.


On November 19th, I held a workshop at Zen Trading Post in Staten Island, NY  called, Finding Your Power During Mercury Retrograde.  For those who follow Mercury Retrograde, our next one is approaching this week on December 3rd.  For those who aren't familiar, from December 3rd through December 23rd, you might notice a shift of your attention and energy to revisit different areas of your life that call you  to "finish what you started," or rebuild a stronger communication with yourself or others, and so much more.  Later this week, I will post a brief article discussing  how Mercury Retrograde affects your life & how to find your power during it.  You'll become aware that the change in energy you feel is more a blessing than something to dread.  The pull of this retrograde energy can be harnessed positively, as long as you are willing to let in its guided messages for you.

Finally, I wanted to post a collective Angelic Message for the close of 2017.  I intuitively connected with The Power of Surrender cards  by Judith Orloff  M.D.  I felt guided to use this deck as it correlates with shedding away the old to make way for all the new in your life...perfect timing with closing 2017.   

The message is:   Surrender The Idea You Can Fix Someone

You may have come to this conclusion recently or perhaps learned throughout this year that certain individuals in your life might be harder to connect with.  Whether its  family, friends, a romantic partner or co-worker relationships, your Angels want you to recognize that as much as its wonderful that you want to help someone--at the end of the day--that person has to be willing to want to be healed.  That person must feel within him or herself the power to want to shift things for the better in their life.  We can not force change in someone else. We can only do so much. 

This revelation might be hard for those whom feel their purpose is to help others, or if they watch someone they love dearly, make consistent unlikely choices, but someone's path is determined  by their own decision(s) to move forward. They have their own experiences to be made.   The most you can do is pray for them to be ready for the guidance they seek. 

Besides knowing when to step aside from trying to fix someone, its also important knowing when to let go of a situation you are in - that no longer serves a higher purpose for you.  This could be a job that isn't the right fit for you anymore, or old habits &  patterns that keep holding you back. Its time to assess  before the start of the new year, what works & doesn't work for you anymore. What makes you thrive & what blocks you.  If you've tried every possibility to make a situation work, & its still not giving you the results you seek, then you know its time to move on. 

Ask your Guardian Angels to patiently guide you regarding your loved ones making changes in their lives & ask your Guardian Angels to bestow patience for yourself in making  much needed life changes you've been procrastinating on.

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Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,
Andrea =)