Thursday, September 28, 2017

Angelic Seasonal Comfort Message - Autumn 2017

Hello Everyone!

Where has the Summer gone!?!?  I can't believe we are already at the end of September and it still feels temperature-wise like Summer here in New York, even though we are in the Autumn season.    It has definitely been a busy Summer  for me--where do I start? 

First, I'm very honored to be in two of my friends bridal parties, so part of my Summer has been preparing for those. I had a wonderful book signing in Bethany Beach, Delaware, plus a Summer Expo conducting Angel Readings at the Hilton in Staten Island NY.  I interviewed my Godchild-Singer, Songwriter Tayla Rees for the site I write for Muddled Millennial, and have been working/researching for one of my next books.  So I definitely have been very M.I.A for the past few months and my apologies greatly because I miss posting here for you all.  Now that things are some-what winding down, I plan to post more, plus keeping you up-to-date on other  new writing projects and Angelic Workshops I'll be conducting. 

I hope that your Summer was productive, fun and most importantly full of happiness and laughs. I hope that you have made it a memorable one and that you are starting to set goals toward our current season. I also hope that you've been connecting more with your Guardian Angels and feeling their guidance, inspiration and comfort.

Before I relay our Autumn Energetic Message, I must express my extreme concern for this Summer's-end hurricanes, Harvey, Irma and Maria, that have brought unthinkable devastation to all areas affected.  Please do whatever you can to help bring support and relief to all, whether its money donations, items to be dropped off, volunteering and praying.  Anything and everything we do is a ripple effect toward change, recovery and balance!  Check your listings online on where you can donate and leave drop-offs in your area.  Two sites that I've donated to are:

Angelic Seasonal Comfort Message ~ "Positivity, Faith & Optimism"

Oracle Card from Doreen Virtue's Angel of Abundance Deck
The card I intuitively drawn for today--I thought  was quite fitting because I've sensed with those I know, and even sometimes myself lately, so much demand for planning things to go a certain way in various important areas of our lives.  For some, you may feel there have been major set-backs, no relief in sight, and the need to lean on the negative way of thinking why things aren't flowing.

Your Angels want you to realize that anything you are striving for, no matter how big or small is all made of energy--whether its a new house, better finances, health, relationships, etc.  How you nurture that energy makes all the difference in the outcome of what your trying to accomplish.  What stands in our way most of the time is worry and fear that we are behind than other's status in life. 

I sometimes have had those moments where I feel based on certain experiences, that I'm not where I'd like to be in my life. The frustration, lack of motivation and numbness toward the mundane routine, starts to develop and can be so extreme at times.   However, in admitting my emotions, working with the Angels and those who support me, and building patience , there is relief in sight!  

Autumn represents abundance in all forms--the harvest--what you reap you sow.  Within this, your Angels are letting you know that all the hard work you've put into your endeavors is not for nothing. I know it seems the opposite when there are no current - concrete answers/solutions that your looking for, but have faith that there is something even better that you can imagine being developed for you aligning you with what you have prepared for.  Remain hopeful that there is an endless support system - God and your Angels waiting to help you (if you allow them in - free will) to give you the resources you need based on every situation, and the more positive aspects you focus on in your life, the more your mood is elevated to see where your being guided. 

Like everything, it takes time, so each day will bring you closer to realizations and the life that has been waiting for you.  Its a combination of what you put into it, faith and divine timing.  Your path is still the right one--you may have to make a bit of teaks along the way, but know that only good can come to you if you allow it in, and remember what your initial intentions prior to setting forth on your journey was.  You can rediscover yourself in miraculous ways--showing you things you never knew you were capable of.  Don't you worry--the energy is shifting--you are coming into light!

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Guidance, Inspiration and Comfort always,
Andrea =)