Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Angelic Energy Message

Hello Everyone,

Image from artist Nadia Strelkina
Another new year is upon us.  I'm sure a lot of you are winding down from the holidays---all the gift giving and family/friend visiting.  Its rest you now seek.  Is there someone though you've forgotten to give a gift to? Someone you didn't remember to visit?  Can't seem to figure out who? I'll give you a hint....look in the mirror, and you'll see that special someone is...YOU!

Now is the time to sit back and decide what gifts--new life experiences you can give yourself for 2016.  Now is the time to revisit/review areas of your life that no longer suit you so you can make way for the freshness of  what awaits you in the new year.  Even if your not sure what you desire for your life, just merely praying to your angels' for guidance, will ignite the positive, intuitive flow within you.  Ask your angels to send you distinct, consistent and familiar signs along your path for 2016.

2016 Universal Energy Message:

First, let's break down "2016" and find the Universal number for this year.
When adding 2+0+1+6 you receive = "9"

In angel numbers, "9" represents the completion of things, an ending.  Yes, we are ending a  year, but ending here means that you've completed a part of your journey that allows you to go to the next phase, next step along your path.  Your now ready---qualified to do what's now necessary.  "9" also means how you want to view things in your life--be it a optimistic view or a pessimistic one.  This sets the tone for what you'll experience.  What you emanate, you will receive.  Your thoughts shape your destiny!

I channeled 2016's Energy Message using Angel Tarot oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.  These cards use the themes of tarot, but weave angel based messages throughout, making tarot more friendly, inviting, and comforting. (Angel Tarot gives you the same trustworthy guidance and advice as all other angel decks, helping you see the power you already have within you.)

2016's Energy Message is Nine of  Fire:  There are no coincidences in life--everything happens for a special reason--so with this--the universal year of "9" and 2016's energy message here are the same--you can see there's an important message our angels definitely want to relay to us all.  

In Angel Tarot, Fire cards in the Minor section of this deck, mean plan of action, your passions, goals in life...putting all your thoughts and planning to good use regarding your passions/dreams.  All that you have planned, researched, worked toward as come to a crucial point--an ending so to bring you to the creation phase-- and at this point, it is imperative that you keep moving forward fearlessly.  

Don't cease your efforts to go on to the next step along your journey.  Your abilities/strengths are real. All that you are encompasses your life purpose.   Defend/protect what you have worked hard toward by not giving up! See your projects/goals through.  Your goals pertain to your own unique path, no one else.  Don't feel the need to change anything to mirror someone else.

Image from artist Nadia Strelkina
If divine timing is the next step--allowing outside forces--other resources, people to enter your life regarding your goal--these things that are out of your control--you must have faith with this--courage and confidence in yourself and the process that this is what needs to be done next.  Your intuitive will never steer you wrong---having an open mind to other possibilities are the key ingredients to breathing life into your manifestations.  Pray to your angels to give you motivation, strength, and the confidence to see it all through. 

Next week's post I will discuss how our angels' want us to view resolutions and how to revamp its meaning.

The energy of 2016 shows you that all your hard work and dedication brings you to new places and the reality of whatever your trying to accomplish.  Your very close to reaching this part of your life---don't settle for anything less!

A Happy, Healthy & Harmonious 2016 to you all!

Guidance, Inspiration and Comfort always,

Monday, December 21, 2015

Seasonal Comfort Message ~ Winter Solstice ~ "Intention"

Seasonal Comfort Message for Winter Solstice:


This seasonal post describes the current season’s energy; how it affects you and ways to prepare for your life purpose.

What a perfect card to receive for winter as we are nearing the close of 2015. Our angels’ message simply asks, What are your intentions? Where do you see yourself in your life? What are your future plans? These are always questions you wrestle with when a new year begins.

The secret to answering all of these, is to be honest with yourself. What do you truly intend to accomplish? Each decision you make shapes your experiences in life. You must match your thoughts (intentions) with your action plans. For example, if you wish to be a published writer by next year, then you have to actually write the book. You can’t sit back and expect the book to write itself. You have to do the research, character development, outlining, drafting, etc. And sometimes allow and accept/trust divine timing to take its course when needed. Saying your going to do something and actually doing it are two different things and bring you very different results—one being just a dream and the other, a reality.

Winter known as hibernation time for some woodland animals is reflective of what winter is for us. During the first few months of winter is self-inventory time; discovering what work needs to be done, gathering your resources, and making decisions. You are generating your strength and knowledge and putting it toward the grounding of your dream. Remember intention simply means that you have a set accomplishment that you intend to achieve and see it through. When you breathe life daily into your goal, the more momentum you have to complete it.  This doesn’t have to be just toward big term goals—but short term—every day goals as well.

No matter what you intend to focus on in life, nurture your thoughts and actions with love, patience and positive outlooks. Focusing on lack, the how’s and the why’s will only attract you to more of what you don’t want and detouring you from your intentions. Once you make a decision, the rest will follow.

Set up vision boards or affirmation boards to help you see and feel the energy of what you want to create. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals that will buoy your faith and confidence, and truly have their best intentions and heart for you. It’s okay to ask for help especially if its someone who has expertise in the area your trying pursue.

Ask your angels to help you replace fear and doubt with more inspirational and motivating thoughts. You aren’t taking them away from helping others as they are around all of us 24/7.

I feel 2016 has “the opening of new doors” energy, and I know that we all can walk through those doors courageously, if your willing to surrender and release your concerns to your angels.
In January, stay tuned for my post of your angels’ message for the new year.
(Card drawn from Healing with the Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.)

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

Thursday, December 17, 2015

I Am Mentally, Phsycially & Emotionally Healthy

Hello Everyone,  hope you all had a productive and fruitful time last week.  I'm back from vacation and will post pics from my trip soon.  Sorry my post for this week is late---had to play catch-up with some items.  

For this weeks blog, I felt compelled to discuss "health" and I also felt intuitively guided to channel your angels' messages through oracle cards this time. 

Health can range anywhere from your mental, physical and emotional parts of self.  Health doesn't always have to be what physically ails you such as a broken leg for example or heart disease.  Health can involve how your keeping a positive outlook on life (mental) and who you allow in your world that doesn't drain your energy, (emotional). (When reading your angels messages below, you'll know which area your angels are speaking to you about.)

There are six main messages your Angels want you to focus on regarding your health.  What's interesting but not coincidental, is that in angel numbers, "6" means how well you move forward in life--how you're capable in solving problems and what breakthroughs or enlightened moments you learn from. This is what your angels' want you to connect to as well.

Painting by Nadia Strelkina

1. Don't Procrastinate!

You already know in your heart what changes you wish to make regarding your health.  Its either something you've noticed yourself or others have mentioned to you.  All in all its for your best quality of life.  Know that your angels give you this guidance out of love and that you are intuitively connecting with it.  Don't delay in taking the first step toward living a healthier life.  It may seem overwhelming at first, but its all in how you approach what needs to be done.  Tackle your to-do list day by day and your angels will guide you toward your next step.  When you decide to move forward, the Universe can only move you in that direction.

2. Blessings in Disguise:

You may have just come to a realization about your health that might leave you feeling lost and discouraged.  Your angels though, can show you that this part of your life is bringing blessings to you instead; its a chance to see an inner strength you ignored to see and/or didn't believe.  Ask your angels to guide you during your transitioning--healing period and to release your fears of the unknown.  Happiness is on the way for you.  Surround yourself with those who have experienced your emotions and have the best intentions at heart for you to lead you from destructive ways.

3. Consider Other Avenues:

It's always best to keep your options open and explore/research other alternatives especially holistic care if it pertains to certain ailing elements of your health.  There's no need to rush into something without taking the proper time to look into valuable information. Your angels remind you that money will always present itself to you--you are not with lack-- so have faith in being able to acquire the care you need.  Also, weigh pros and cons regarding relationships that might cause stress.  This is a time to learn more about yourself, your worth and what you truly deserve.

4. There's No Need to Worry:

Your healing might involve a loved one who has passed away and it is weighing heavy on your heart.  Your angels want you to know that those you may have lost are now healing and do not feel pain anymore.  They're in a peaceful place where they can still be with you and connect with you on a whole new level.  Their life purpose involved even the moment of their passing as a fulfillment of their time here on earth. You may even worry that their health conditions might be the same as yours. Your angels don't want you to focus on the negative side of this, but rather follow their guidance for number three above, as to research further on how you can become healthier without stressing yourself.

5.   Its Time to be Selfish--In a Good Way:

The same nurturing, vigilant care you give to others--now you must bestow upon yourself.  Take time for "you."   Its okay to say no to bad habits that involve others or saying no to occasions that take you away from the peace and quiet you seek from time-to-time.  You need to get your energy back and rejuvenate your well being.  The more centered and grounded you are, the better you are to proceed with what needs to be done in your life.

6. Never Compromise Your Happiness:

Your angels remind you that you deserve peace and happiness.  There's no need to struggle.  Your angels are just a thought/prayer away and they can lighten your path toward better opportunities for you.  Don't settle for anything less than your worth.  Live for a better today, tomorrow.  Don't take short cuts on life...your too valuable for that!

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,
Andrea <3 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Messages for The Week of Dec 7th --Dec 13th

Hello Everyone!

Hope your weekend is fantastic & productive. I will be remote next week & will have no computer access--so I wanted to relay your Guardian Angels' messages for you regarding the energy to focus on for next week.

For the beginning of the week: Monday/Tuesday:

"See Only Love" -- This card holds a dual meaning. First, in light of recent events in California, there are those that perhaps feel hopeless, afraid, angry--whether they live in that area or not. God & and your Angels want you to not loose faith. They want you to still see that there is love in this world. This can be very hard since this country and others around the world have seen so much loss, but I feel that if we collectively pray and do so consistently-- and ask "What do we need to do to bring peace back into this world," we will find the answer. This card also suggests a situation more closer to home--relationships. If you recently had an argument with someone your Angels urge you to not loose who you are in this situation. No matter what transpires, don't loose the love inside of you--don't change who you are because of what has been done to you. See only love and be only the love that truly is inside you.

Middle of the Week: Wednesday/Thursday: 

"What Do You Desire?" --This is one of my favorite cards in this deck. The imagery alone prompts you to be creative! So what is that your heart wants? This can pertain to anything in your life. What makes your heart truly sing? Some self discovery either through prayer/mediation will show you that this is the time--this is the opportunity for you to tap into your purpose. This card also relates to the world problems at hand that I mentioned in your message for the beginning of the week. You might find your answer in what can bring peace to this world. Take this time to seize the moment and make a difference! Like the image of this card, paint a better picture of what this world can be.

End of the Week: Friday through Sunday: 

"There's Nothing to Worry About" -- I absolutely love that this is the card that wraps up the weekend---it doesn't get any more comforting than this. Anything that has been weighing heavily on your mind--whether its world events or personal concerns, your Angels' want you to know that they literally "have your back." Surrender & Release all your fears, doubts, worries and let your team of Guardian Angels see fit to what needs to be done. You are safe, protected and always provided for--don't let anyone or anything let you think otherwise! Only use this time to nurture your thoughts in a loving manner and see only the highest possible good in every area of your life!

If you would like more messages to read while I'm remote, please feel free to look through my blog and read past posts I've left here---its full of tons of affirmations that even though have already been posted--can still supply the right messages you need today.

Wishing you a beautiful, loving & fruitful week!

(Cards drawn from Daily Guidance from Your Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue)

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,