Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I Appreciate All My Blessings in Disguise

Have you ever....

  • planned something in such great detail from A - Z, that somewhere down the road, plans K--P fall short?

  • lost your car keys, just as you were about to leave the house,  search endlessly for them, further making you late for your appointment?

  • debated for a while if you should leave your job, and then all of a sudden, you get let-go from your employer?

***As annoying, time consuming, and frustrating  these experiences may feel,  all three scenarios hold rather unique blessings in disguise, and offer great significances of guidance and  protection for us all.***

First Scenario: 

When you are in the thick of planning/creating anything, you can only see one way to complete the task at hand--- "your way."  You are very set on the format that you are using/creating to complete your project.  So as the expression goes---when someone or something "throws a monkey wrench into it," you feel that all our plans are now sabotaged. 

In reality, your Angels are trying to help us see that there are hidden blessings in disguise here.  What seems like a change in plans, is rather a way for us to look at a situation differently that we may have overlooked before.  New approaches, techniques that we ignored, better ideas we wouldn't consider before, are now being presented to you, that will help in finishing a task at hand more successfully. 

My personal experience with changed plans:  The book that I'm currently writing ----I lost a big chunk of what I had typed on the computer.  For some reason I couldn't relocate what anything, and it was all new topics that just flowed out of me, so intricate, that  I couldn't remember all of the newly typed lines .  After freaking out with panic, and deciding to dive back into my book again, something amazing occurred.   Even though I had to retype  a lot of it, I was able to implement more detail and better structure than what I thought was originally possible, and the new parts of the book, flow much better now.

Second Scenario:  Your all ready to leave your house and what suddenly delays you is the search for  your car keys.  You retrace and retrace your steps and turns out, the keys are in a place that just doesn't make sense.  No mater, you have them now --- your still late for your appointment, and you have no choice but to commit to whatever time you have left to get there.  Driving in, you suddenly see an accident to your left that may have occurred some minutes ago. 

Your Angels here have protected you from harm, by delaying you at home or wherever you are, with something that has prevented you from leaving right away. 

My personal experience with delayed plans:  I notice quite often that when I'm running late or can't find something before I leave, while commuting I always see an accident of some sort in the direct path of where I was suppose to travel.  I always feel its my grandfather who passed and my Guardian Angels protecting me from such a situation and delaying my attempt to go out in that area.

Third Scenario: Its been "X" amount of years at your job and your starting to feel that you need a change of pace.  You constantly debate with yourself whether you should really leave, but rather start to make excuses as to why you should stay instead. However, you can't seem to quiet that gut feeling that nags at you to make the change.  One day, you go to work and find out, you no longer have a job.

Loosing a job can definitely be very stressful and filled with lots of questions like "What do I do now?," "How do I pay the bills?,"  "Who will hire me?"  I know firsthand how this all weighs heavy on your mind.... 

My personal experience with the Universe's plans: I too was working at a job where I felt it was time to go.  I felt compelled to work somewhere that utilized more of my skills.  However I prolonged making that change for various reasons, and sure enough, the company I worked for had to let me go due to changes within the facility.  The Universe will bring you to where you need to be and deliver to you, changes that you need to make, if you don't react on it sooner yourself.  I was meant to leave that job, but didn't take the opportunity quick enough on my own, so the Universe led me there instead.

Remember, when something unexpected happens, or when you feel that you may be off course, ask yourself and the Angels to help you see---"What is the hidden blessing in this situation for me?,"  "What new opportunities will now present itself to me?," "What will I now learn from all of this?"

Repeat to yourself"  "I Appreciate All My Blessings In Disguise."  This will help you embrace more of what is meant to be for you, and frees you from the burden of thinking all is lost.

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,