Monday, April 23, 2018

Earth Day - Every day!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Earth Day!

Yes, I'm a day late, but shouldn't Earth Day be every day?  With any chance we receive, we should pay attention more to the earth, how it speaks to us, how it makes us feel, how it can nurture us and how we can nurture it and enable it to thrive more.  There are so many ways we can honor Earth day- every day, such as buying eco-friendly products, recycling, cleaning up after our garbage, no littering, planting trees, flowers, protecting our wildlife and the list can go on and on.

This past weekend though, I was able to enjoy Earth Day in a way I never really did before...through the help of my very good friend, and Yoga Instructor - Laura Gotlin's class: Slow-Flow Earth Day Yoga.

With everything in life, whatever you want to achieve starts with you. If you aren't centered and aligned with your honest intentions, you can't connect to your desired goal(s). Yoga  shows you how to look within using all your senses through meditation, breathing and moving in rhythms that match your intentions.  Combining Yoga and Earth Day awareness, you connect with Mother Earth, simplicity, getting back to basics, honoring your health, honoring the light in yourself and in others, connecting you to Earth's energy that constantly supports and balances you.  When you are at this state of bliss, the world within you and around you, looks brighter!

I was accompanied by another friend of mine, Deanna, who  was her first time practicing Yoga and what a perfect class to do so! We both enjoyed how relaxed, stronger and mindful we felt with such a peaceful and restorative class.

I always love and respect nature.  I love being outside any chance I can get.  After my Yoga session, I wanted to walk in the park near where I live. It finally felt like Spring...the breeze was just right that you could still felt the warmth of the sun. I often walk in the park to clear my mind and channel the answers I seek to questions at hand and embrace new perspectives about my life  However, after my Yoga Earth Day session, my senses were extra heightened and my connection felt stronger.  I always enjoy staring at the tallness of  trees and admire how  they quietly sway in the wind and through all of this yesterday---seemed even more beautiful. 

Be sure to take the time to enjoy nature and be conscious of what's around you and how it affects you and what role you play in it.  You are more connected then you know to the nature and the healing that you experience is more than you could ever imagine.  I share here two pictures from my walk.  hope it inspires you to get out there!

Later this week I will post a message from our Guardian Angels regarding Earth Day-Week.

Guidance, Inspiration and Comfort always,

*Laura Gotlin Yoga is based in Staten Island, NY