Monday, June 27, 2016

Feeling Grateful....

This morning I found this review of my book on Amazon. I truly teared when I read it because it reminds me that it's not about sales or money, but how meaningful your work truly is. To know someone's honest, heartfelt feedback--to see that it's helping heal & transform someone's life for the better--is all the more worth it to keep on writing--despite what critics may say. Its a blessing to be able to channel messages that can bring comfort to others & share the same goal with them to connect with serenity.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Angelic Seasonal Comfort Message ~ Summer Solstice

YAYYYY!!!! Its here! Its finally here! Summer has arrived here in New York and the air already smells sweeter and the gentle breeze feels more comforting!  Summer is my favorite season, enabling you to enjoy the outdoors more and vacation.  I'm very excited to share what our angels' energetic message for Summer is....


As it is known, there are no coincidences with angel cards.  Cards that are drawn are meant to be revealed in the reading at that given time.  The card that I intuitively selected from Doreen Virtue's Healing with the Angels deck is nature.

There are so many elements to this message and what Summer has to offer. Here our angels' remind us to return to basics--simplicity and calmness of our life.  Filtering out what no longer suits you and rejuvinating the mind, body and soul with enriching energy.  Connecting with the outdoors more to refresh-recharge your batteries.  Being in nature is like living a song--the melody/rhythm of life carries you and reveals to you the beauties of the world inside and outside you.  Traveling more this season could be a possibility for you as well.  Perhaps your experiencing a home or office move that involves more of the outdoors--example a move from the city to the suburbs or being involved in environmental causes or animal or plant life occupations.   If you can't get out into nature--bring nature to you.  Keep flowers or plants in your home or listen to music/nature themed songs.  I recommend Dan Gibson's solitude's collection which showcases various types of nature themed sounds mixed with classical music or acoustic guitar or other melodies. 

It might be tough to get out into nature when you work all day, but if you can spare at least ten minutes outside, that's more than not going out at all.  Why just today, I decided to eat my home made lunch outside to celebrate Summer Solstice. Take advantage today and celebrate with your kids or loved ones and take a walk in the park or by the beach, ride a bike or rollerblade, have a dinner picnic or dessert one.  Today is the longest day of sunlight--don't waste it inside.

Nature is calling you to take a deep look inside your heart and take advantage of its healing properties and the benefits of working with it.    Enjoy all that this day and season has to offer.  Embrace its playfulness and invigorating energy.  You might notice the answers you've been seeking, are right outside you're door.....

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort,

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Now Available at Bethany Beach Bookstore....

If you ever go to Bethany Beach, Delaware–definitely visit Bethany Beach Books—the most peaceful quaint book store right off the beach AND…where you can now purchase my book, Messages From My Grandparents…In Heaven–right off the shelf! To have my book physically in a book store is another dream come true that I’m forever grateful for.        

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Angelic Monthly Guidance for June

Hello Everyone!

We finally are a few weeks closer to the official start of summer here in New York! I'm beyond thrilled to finally enjoy walking outside without freezing! Flip-flop weather -- here I come! With June now upon us, we are entering a new energy for this part of the year....

Photography by Anthony Freeman - Ocean City, MD
June is the "6th" month of the year and in angelic numbers, "6" represents how well you are moving forward with your life--are you successfully solving problems or making breakthroughs within obstacles in your path?   Its important during this month that you remove your focus on worrying about the "how's" of what you want to obtain, and focus your energy on setting positive intentions toward your goal.  When you obsess over what is lacking or that which is still needed--you only attract more of what isn't in your life.  In order to master staying positive about the fruition of your goal, and to help you successfully solve problems and have breakthroughs-- your angelic monthly guidance for June is..."go back to school."  However, this message has many layers to it and may not necessarily mean physically going back to school in some cases.  Let's start dissecting this message, covering all whom it may pertain to....

This month's message may very well be for those who will spend their summer in school that is geared toward their major, or area of expertise.  You may have college courses that you still need to take that are only offered in the summer that are needed for your major.

Maybe you aren't the typical age of a college student , but your going back to school to further your business experience, or finishing your high school degree, or obtaining your bachelors degree or going for your masters.  Perhaps you are starting a summer internship that is beneficial in you discovering if that particular career is right for you.    You may even be interested in taking online courses as well for distant learning if its to build a new business venture, or to enhance a better quality of life.

Art by Nadia Strelkina
School though isn't just limited to subjects such as math, history, science, etc. Going back to school or going to school could also mean learning more about your physical health.  Perhaps you have finally decided that this is the month to get into shape or broaden your ways to stay in shape and make it more interesting.  Taking new gym classes such as Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Cycling is a start. 

Maybe its recreational classes/experiences your in search for, such as--learning how to drive a boat, mountain climbing, jet skiing, scuba diving, horse back riding, canoeing, etc.

Traveling/vacationing is another from of learning especially if your going to a location that is rich with history such as the Mediterranean, London, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Tibet, etc.  Its within these locations and so many others that you learn about your culture and how the world lives.  You discover so much within yourself in your travels. 

Taking up a musical talent? Piano lessons, guitar, drums, violin, singing, dancing, etc. Connecting with your creative, artistic side also, such as pottery, ceramics, drawing, painting are all other avenues where you rediscover and learn who you are. 

Learning more about yourself also involves quiet reflection, meditation--you time.  Perhaps reading books or filling out workbooks regarding soul searching.  Maybe you need to do research on a current writing project your undertaking and learning its material is needed. 

As you can see any and all of these above reasons and forms of going to school or learning something new are
Photography by Anthony Freeman - Pisa, Italy
confirmations that this is the right path for you right now in helping you move forward with your life, solve a problem and make breakthroughs. Give any and all cares and concerns to God and your angels regarding finding the time and money to complete whatever schooling you wish.  All will be revealed in due time--trust divine timing will set the course.  If its a goal you have--it wasn't planted inside of you by accident--there's a reason and purpose to everything in your life.

Overall--which ever schooling your intersted in--its the learning about your strength and resilience within you---what your capable of--your skill set--what you like and dont like--what makes you "tick"that helps shape the course of your future. 

Enjoy the journey of what life has to offer and is waiting for you to explore.

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,