Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Follow My Intuitive Compass

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to discuss how to recognize when your inner guidance--intuitive compass from God and your angels, is working/when they are truly speaking to you.  In other words, how to distinguish when your feeling positive guidance or fear based thoughts. While I was walking the streets of Manhattan this week,  I felt compelled to relay this topic and I realized how  my 2016 Energy Reading post truly is kicking into high gear this month. As the hurried New Yorkers passed me by, you can feel that every single person has concerns, worries, hopes, plans all waiting in the balance of their choices and much needed change.   And its no coincidence that our current month, May is the 5th month which in angel numbers means opportunity/change/growth.  When your making life transformations, its imperative to know when and where your intuitive compass is guiding you.

Just to briefly refresh, in angel numbers our current year 2016, is broken down into "9"  -- representing endings--you've completed a part of your journey that allows you to go to the next phase, next step along your path.  Your now ready---qualified to do what's now necessary.  "9" also means how you want to view things in your life--be it a optimistic view or a pessimistic one.  This sets the tone for what you'll experience.  What you emanate, you will receive.  Your thoughts shape your destiny! All that you have planned, researched, worked toward as come to a crucial point--an ending so to bring you to the creation phase-- and at this point, it is imperative that you keep moving forward fearlessly.  (And here is where today's post ties into 2016 Energy Reading)---Your intuitive will never steer you wrong---having an open mind to other possibilities are the key ingredients to breathing life into your manifestations.  The energy of 2016 shows you that all your hard work and dedication brings you to new places and the reality of whatever your trying to accomplish.  Your very close to reaching this part of your life---don't settle for anything less!  

How To Follow Your Intuitive Compass

Your ego is afraid of progress, change and love.  Whenever you think of or want to make a change for the better--embark on a new life path, your ego knows your getting closer to being more of who you truly are.  The ego feels threatened because its starting to lose control over your thoughts, emotions and actions.  So whenever your working on a life goal and you notice days where your energy shifts to a unmotivated level, that's your ego trying to bring you backwards and away from your goal.

Your ego tries to mask its guidance when it involves your intuitive compass.  Whether you ask God and your angels for assistance or your mind starts wondering through the pros and cons of choices you have to make, ego based guidance will sound like this:

- I don't think I can finish this
- It's impossible if I go ahead with it
- There's no other option for me
- I should just give up
- What if....
- How will I....
- What will others think
- If I do this, then this will happen
- I've failed once, there's no point in trying again
- They have more luck than I do

This above list can go on and on--all of it is centered around fear-based scenarios that deter you from fully trying to see what the positive can offer you.

Following your intuitive guidance from God and your angels sounds like this:

- All is well
- You are not a victim
- Every step is a step closer to the new
- You have the power within you
- Tomorrow is a new day
- You are an assertive-loving being
- Focus on service and the service will serve you
- You are supported in all ways
- You are never alone
- Your purpose is unique and needed
- I count my blessings not my lack--for there is no lack

Do you notice how much lighter the energy is just by reading the intuitive compass statements above than the limited progress of the ego's intentions?

When you pray to God and your angels for guidance--your intuitive compass can be followed by these signs below, further showing you that this guidance comes from a loving, motivational, comforting, supportive and positive place:

  • coins on the ground
  •  feathers
  •  rainbows
  •  significant colors
  • angelic sparkles of light
  •  heart-shaped clouds
  •  hearing a song repetitively on the radio
  •  overhearing a conversation that involves your situation
  •  reading an article
  • seeing frequent numbers such as “444,” “333” or other number combinations on license plates, receipts, digital clocks, or home addresses, which have a personal meaning for you
  •  butterflies, birds, dragonflies
  • smell of roses, incense, perfume, cologne, or cooking
  •  feeling a warm sensation (as if being hugged)
  • dreams/visions
  • visits/visions from Mother Mary or Jesus
  • hearing your name being called by your angels  

Ask and you shall receive….

Your angels are constantly guiding and watching over you. However, your free will still determines the depth of how much your angels can intervene in your life. You still have a choice regarding how much contact your angels have with you. The more you pray/talk to them, the more they are invited into your world—and the more you’re able to identify their guiding energy around you. 

It’s also important to be clear and truly state your intentions when having a dialogue with God and your angels. Be honest with yourself. Don’t hold back! You’re never bothering them, and no question or request is big or small enough to take them away from helping others. God and your angels are present at all times for everyone! When something is troubling you or you need advice, don’t hesitate for a second to ask your angels for assistance. Always ask them to send you strong, familiar and regular signs.  You can read more about connecting with your angels in my book Messages From My Grandparents...In Heaven:  How You Can Keep Contact With Yours.

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always, 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Seeing Beyond Events That Go Wrong

A quote I found on the internet that I posted on my Facebook page earlier.......

"You know great things are coming when everything seems to be going wrong.  
Old energy is clearing out for new energy to enter. 
Be patient!"

We've all been there, myself included.  Those days, weeks, months, even years when the unthinkable happens or one thing after the next seems to pile on and on.  Its hard to "hang in there" or recite to yourself, "this too shall pass" when all you have around you is what seems to be endless setbacks, loss and obstacles.  There is a reason for it all.  Even if we don't see that silver lining right away, there are inner and outer workings that are helping us through these unexplainable times.

For today's post, I channeled again Archangel Michael Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue.
His message for today is "Energy Healing Work."

Before I further explain, take a moment to look at this card's image.  Really take time  gazing at every aspect of it...what do you sense by viewing it?  What comes to mind.....

For me, I feel at peace, despite whatever is going on in my world.  Its as if Archangel Michael depicted in this card is saying "Shhh....There is no distress here, you will see this through," without holding his finger up to his mouth -- but rather the calmness in his eyes and the energy--aura of light swirling around him, suggests it.  The light glowing from his heart is prompting to bring serenity  there---the center of where all  emotions are stored.  Instantly a  sense of assurance that all will be figured out washes over.  His hands clasped in front of him, further suggests him saying, "Now, what is there that needs to be done?  What can we work on? What is the true reality here?  Let us pray on this."  This is what Archangel Michael and your angels want you to feel and understand despite what you are currently experiencing right now.

As always, there are no coincidences with angel readings.  The quote at the start of this post read "Old energy is clearing out for new energy to enter."  correlates to the meaning on the card above.  During this time, you are experiencing energy healing work.  Whatever you have been praying for, meditating on, affirming, the answers you seek for, that  newness, the fresh, the pure to officially come through---you may have to go through situations that call for you to dig deeper, to understand your potential, to connect more with the spiritual, to gain trust and faith in life, yourself and in God. This may be a time for you to realize to drop old habits, patterns that are blocking you from moving forward.  This is a major clean up time---a time to refuel your entire being.  When your in the mode of doing so, you can work with Archangel Michael and he can help you gain the courage, insight and confidence to know what you need to eliminate in your life  that no longer suits you.

A story I want to share further shows how to understand why things may seem like their going wrong, but what it really entails.  I was at church one Sunday and the Priest's message that day  was how to move forward in life when tragedy strikes.  The Priest spoke of a man whose wife had cancer.  The whole family rallied around one another and prayed and did all sorts of things to keep everyone positive.  The wife did live a bit longer than was diagnosed, but then one day, her time came to go home to heaven.  The husband was upset because he felt that the power of his prayers did nothing since his wife ended up dying and he made this known to the priest.  The Priest turned to the husband and explained to him that his prayers did help. He further mentioned that it brought the husband's family closer together in such a way they've never experienced before.  Faith was present there when there never was.  That in itself was a healing and that his wife needed to fully heal further in heaven, but she was brought there safely, by the love and support of her family.   Another example of this, can be found in my book, Messages From My Grandparents...In Heaven, Chapter III.

Archangel Michael, urges you to surround yourself with people who can elevate your mood, help lift the burdens you feel and replace it with hope.  Your heightened energy will allow you to see through what you are experiencing and you'll better be able to hear the guidance of your angels when you need assistance in this area.  The first few chapters of my book also lists ways to elevate your energy.  Also, seeking counsel from energy healers, whether is Reiki practitioners, mediums, angel card readers, holistic healers, etc., can assist in clearing out your energy.

I will close with an prayer you can recite to Archangel Michael during these times:

"Thank you Archangel Michael for sending healing energy to me and through me, for my own blessings and all those around me. Thank you for connecting me to loving and high-integrity healers and teachers of energy-healing modalities."

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Angelic Monthly Guidance ~ May

Hello Everyone,

This monthly post offers direction of what the current month's energy represents and how to plan accordingly toward your goals.

For the month of May, I felt compelled to use Doreen Virtue's Archangel Michael Oracle cards, because I feel we all need extra reassurance and strength lately regarding our purpose.  Archangel Michael provides courage, security and confidence regarding any area of our lives where we need it most.  When working with Archangel Michael, you might notice seeing sparkles of royal purple or blue light. This confirms that he is around you and is helping to answer your prayers.

Archangel Michael, like a bouncer in a nightclub--shields  negative feelings or emotions that have no business  seeping into your energy.  Any lower emotions or thoughts you have toward yourself or others' draining energy toward you can be blocked, as long as you are willing to ask him for his assistance.  Since we have free will, the angels and archangels can't completely intervene unless with your permission.  Archangel Michael can also remove fear and cut cords of energy that  no longer is needed such as old habits/ patterns and he encourages you to have confidence in making healthy life changes.

Archangel Michael's message for this month is to focus on the beauty of your goals and dreams and ignore  any concerns or worries you have toward obtaining them.  When you focus on too much of the "how's" "when's" "why's" or other worries, your health starts to loose its power, thus lowering your motivation to pursue that which you want toward much needed changes in your life.  When you stay centered in the happiness of what your goal truly is, your mood becomes more elevated and you attract more  positive behavior and people around you that is linked to your goal.

Archangel Michael wants you to focus upon divine and perfect health and you can do so through visualizations, meditations and affirmations.  Envision pure white light pouring over you and into every part of your being while you recite encouraging affirmations pertaining to what you want for your life--but that it already exists--such as,

- All is well
- My family and I are mentally, physically & emotionally healthy
- I'm free to make healthy lifestyle changes
-It feels good to feel good.

You can also say "thank you: prayers which acknowledges all the good that is in your life and that still remains regardless of the unknown around you, such as,

"God, and Archangel Michael, thank you for continuously reminding me to focus upon perfect health, and for guiding my actions so that they are."

This month's energy might also reveal:

- your life purpose involves the  healing of others,
- listen more to your intuitive feelings regarding health and healing
-its time to make healthier lifestyle changes
-possibly seek a second opinion regarding your health

When your mind, body and soul are healthy, you are better equipped with the energy you need to receive guidance from your angels and pursue your goals.

Guidance, inspiration and comfort always