Thursday, June 12, 2014

Retracing My Steps Brings Clarity

Have you ever misplaced your happiness? Perhaps your confused as to where you put your serenity? Did you forget even why your upset?

Sometimes, your days can feel like a whirlwind or collection of things gone wrong. It may seem everything and anything bothers you and you lose touch with the real "You."  The one that's usually carefree and easy going.

As you review random events in your day---can someone asking you simply for the time, while your fumbling with your shopping bags really cause your day to be annoying?   Can receiving an unexpected phone call really make your entire day miserable?  Or if someone asks "How was your day?"- can that really cause you to snap?

Your Angels want to help bring clarity back into your day, by helping you dissect what truly is the root of what concerns you, and bring better perspective to where your attention should be.  

Sometimes its not a collection of items in our day that causes your "bad days," rather its one event that you have let linger around you and mesh with everything else.

"Retracing My Steps Brings Clarity"  When you say this affirmation, it allows you to pause, reflect and remember why your really upset.  It categorizes where your focus should be and how to address what truly needs attention.

How To Use This Affirmation:

1. Take a few moments alone, with a piece of paper and pen at the ready, and simply ask yourself, "Why Am I Upset?" 

Notice any feelings, words, people, etc. that come to your mind.  If what just recently happened to you comes to light, jot it down, and try to back track from there--what happened prior to this occurrence.

2.  When you finally connect with the first occurrence of the day or days prior of what bothered you, (you'll know how strong this significance is), ask your Angels to help guide you to truly understanding what the meaning is behind it. 

3.  Ask yourself and your angels any or all of these questions...

-What have you missed that you haven't come to full terms with yet? 
-Is there a lesson there that will help with your personal growth?
-Was this a chance for you to express your integrity and your true intentions? 
-Is there forgiveness work that needs to be done on your behalf or another's?

You'll notice in either an hour or the next day, intuitive messages, hunches--gut feelings, that will uncover what you need to know.

Retracing your emotional steps helps you remember where your serenity is....

Asking these above questions and any others that come to mind, helps you to see that you do have the power to fix situations that occur.  Even if there is no outside complete answer, your emotions will have closure in that you have allowed yourself the needed time to heal from them, and not let them spill into the rest of your day...blocking what does make you smile.

~Andrea~ <3