Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Grateful for the Memories

Hello Everyone,  hope you all had a wonderful, comforting thanksgiving with those you love.

We are in the last week of November and there's still enough time to focus on another element of gratitude before we enter December.   As you know, being thankful isn't just a once a year holiday, rather its something we can practice every day, at various moments within a given day.  I hope these posts have inspired you all to dig deeper into what you are all personally thankful for.

Grateful for the Memories

So far I've celebrated two Thanksgivings this year, with one more to go this upcoming weekend.  On the actual day, my husband and I were with his parents, this past weekend I was with my aunt, uncle, cousin and her children, and this upcoming weekend I will be with my parents.  While visiting at my aunt's house I paused and reflected on many things.   

My aunt's dining room of her old house
I realized its been ions since we all celebrated Thanksgiving together.  I miss those times especially as a kid visiting my Aunts house, smelling all the savory/sweet foods cooking/baking while everyone gathered around laughing with each other in her warm & cozy dining room.  After dinner, my Aunt would include different ways to usher in the Christmas holiday, whether it would be storytelling, Christmas songs, or lighting up a particular decoration.  

I also recognized how precious time is as it sometimes gallops away.  I watched my aunt and uncle this weekend - just them being them, and I admitted more than ever to myself that I want to cherish more memories with them, and I never want those memories to run out.  I'm so thankful for all that they have provided for me within their home and their hearts - from my earliest memories to all the joy we experienced this past weekend.  A lot of what Christmas and Thanksgiving means and feels like to me, was experienced in their home.  I know my husband and I carry some of our own traditions, but still hold that same peaceful, beautiful atmosphere in our apartment.

Memories: A message from the Angels
Your memories will show you the way....

Memories hold so much more than just happiness and laughter.  Yes, memories keep loved ones alive in our hearts, enable us to relive parts of our younger selves and help us retain knowledge--whether it's a skill or short/long term events.  However, something even more profound occurs.

Your Angels want you to embrace all types of memories, even the ones that may not be as favorable.  Those type of memories are sometimes here to teach us life lessons, show our true potential, reveal our inner strengths, expose patterns to not repeat, relay how to be wiser, more confident, and the list goes on and on.  If you have those raw memories of  hurt, anger, overwhelment, sadness, etc., your angels are not asking you to hold on to those emotions of the memory, but to dissect  what that  memory is actually trying to show you about your growth--your self-development--where your path/life purpose is leading you.

For example, for my memories of less desirable relationships, I later found that those showed me what my value/self worth truly is.  For those memories of my departed loved ones,  I learned  how their lives positively affected mine and those around them.  For those memories of being lied to, I committed to be more trusting in knowing the source of the matter.

Remember, this isn't a time for you to feel guilty or to beat yourself up over what you may have missed or didn't understand in life. Memories are a beautiful gift, giving you the insight and that second chance to make a change for the better in your world and the world of others!  

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,
Andrea R. Freeman

Monday, November 19, 2018

Month of Gratitude - Helping Others

Hello Everyone!

Thanksgiving is this week! THIS WEEK! Can you believe it?!?  It definitely feels like the holidays are arriving waaaay too fast.  But here we are, another week of appreciation for our month-long gratitude discussions.  If you've missed my last two posts, last week, I discussed being thankful for Veterans  and my post prior to that: Thankful for What's to Come I detailed all the new changes to this blog, and how grateful I am for the self-discoveries in my life leading up to my updated blog.  So to never miss a single post, be sure to subscribe at the top of this site for future posts.

This week, we are going to focus on being thankful for Helping Others:

I've been conducting readings for over ten years.  I always knew I was taking on the tremendous role of  helping people heal as I'm guided to from my Guardian Angels, who relay their words of wisdom to me -- so I can pass along to others. I'm always thankful for the opportunity to read for others that are receptive to making these healthy changes in their lives.  However lately, the profound sense of what this truly means has shown, even more powerful, and for that I'm truly grateful!

Image from Google
Yesterday, I was honored to conduct Angel Readings at one of the locations I work out of.  Changes, a Nutritional Therapy, Fitness and Wellness Center, held an Autumn Open House, showcasing all the healing work they provide. Throughout the entire afternoon, I read for those seeking life guidance from their Guardian Angels. And it just warmed my heart a million times more, seeing in their eyes the illuminated paths that will lead to their inner peace they seek.  Some of the readings and messages the Angels conveyed confirmed that, they were already on the right path,  reminded them of the great strength that was always  inside of them, and some showed  how to take back their power.  I think to myself, if I wasn't there that day, would they have had the clarification they needed? Would it have taken longer?  I'm so appreciative that my Guardian Angels chose to work with me to provide the advice needed and to be there at the right place at the right time to give those I read for hope, support and action plans needed toward their life purpose.

Last week, I conducted a private reading, and my client mentioned to me that she had read my blog, Thankful For What's To Come. She said that it was just what she needed during that moment in time when she read it.  My heart smiled knowing, that what I'm channeled to write and share, is making a difference in someone's life. Being able to express my experiences can help those feel that they are not alone. 

There is such a complete joy that is received by doing service for others.  You bring light to their day where there may have been darkness, you bring companionship where there may have been loneliness, you bring thoughtfullness when others may have thought all is lost.

So this week, take the time to help those you know or don't know.  Be a difference in their lives.  Both you and the one you'll connect with, will receive beautiful, motivating, healing energies that can make endless ripple effects.

I leave you with a quote, here by left by Danielle Doby,  that has inspired me, and I hope it does the same for you....

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

Friday, November 16, 2018

Mercury Retrograde - In Sagittarius - Nov 16 - Dec 6

It's baaaaaaack!  Mercury Retrograde arrives today & closes out 2018!

So with that, I wanted to share an extra post with you this week to help you thrive (not panic) during this retrograde, which will last until December 6th. (you know--just in time for the holidays =) 

What's all the fuss?

Have you noticed/felt during certain times of the year--more than usual - an extra heightened sense of confusion, frustration, anger, emotional roller coaster vibes, technology not working properly, travel mishaps, miscommunication with others and a sense of delay within certain areas in your life?  Mercury Retrograde can occur up to four times a year (for a duration of 3 weeks), which means what you experience above can be magnified a million times more.  Don’t worry, a lot of us in some way will feel this energetic pull and it all stems from the energy that planet Mercury emanates during retrograde. Have no fear, there are ways to prepare for these energies and you can ride the retrograde wave. Its time to look at this cycle in terms of rebirth instead of  a series of setbacks.

Image from Google
What is Retrograde?
·        Retrograde embodies the optical illusion of a planet moving backward through a zodiac or astrological sign when the planet is observed from earth.  A faster moving planet passes by a slower moving planet – creating the supposed backward movement – retrograde.  Mercury passes part of its orbit that is closer to the earth and begins to travel to the further side of the sun and from this perspective moves in the opposite direction as Earth.  It seems like it’s moving forward, then backwards, then forward as it returns to pass earth once more.  

Visualize the following: two trains are moving forward, but one is moving slightly slower which makes it appear that the slower moving train is traveling backward.  The same example can be experienced while driving on the road. Mercury is currently doing this transition and when it does, the areas of life that Mercury represents goes into a waiting period or “resting state.”  Mercury is known as the messenger/communication planet and it affects communication between others (e-mails, in-person conversations), travel, signing contracts, starting new projects, technology, automobiles.

The Effects of Mercury Retrograde:
• You might have heightened disagreements with others and notice other’s behaviors toward you are rougher than usual.  E-mails might also be misconstrued.
• Signing contracts or starting new projects might result in glitches, setbacks or overlooked key items/terms.
•  Technology or automobiles might not perform efficiently.
•  Traveling might become even more of a headache.  Slower commutes than usual.
•  You might feel overly sensitive regarding certian areas of your life such as your career or personal goals or your interaction with others.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius (Fire Element):

Image From Google
Those who have Fire as their element (like in Sagittarius, Aries or Leo zodiacs)  are often accustomed to fast paced thinking or living, so during this retrograde you might feel the nagging pull to slow it down a lot of notches.  Even if this isn't your element or zodiac, you will still feel what would seem like a "snails pace" energy.  If you seem overwhelmed by what you can't control, focus on what you can. You might be very restless, which this energy will try to distract you, so the need to keep the body/mind moving will crave either exercise or fun activities to keep your energy in constant flow.  This will help center you. You may find the need to literally take the time to pause, take a deep breath and refocus your energy. Meditation or Yoga can help with this. Delaying the need for instant gratification might be showing you a life lesson pattern that needs to be corrected. Stop and think of what is truly necessary to do feel or know  If your sign is Sagittarius or just for the nature of this zodiac for this retrograde, its best to not overwhelm yourself in saying yes to everything or dabbling in too much than you can handle.  Its nice to have different interests but placing yourself int too many directions will make your head spin and make you feel your not accomplishing anything. Pace yourself. Slooooow done!  Its ok to have many goals, but this retrograde will show you how to be realistic with what you can complete and what's more priority.  Take the time to review projects or goals you started and haven't finished.  That's a great place to start!

Ways to Prepare and Thrive Duing Mercury Retrograde:
• Mercury Retrograde teaches us to slow down in all areas of life—especially in the areas Mercury represents and for us to look within--reflect--be more mindful of what’s going on. Release what no longer serves a higher purpose for our energies and to acquire a renewed sense of self. 
• Mercury Retrograde asks us to take the time to think, redo or review projects and plans, be more thorough, “finish what you started”, be patient with others and ourselves, be more present in how you communicate with others and the way you express yourself.
• Remain flexible, adaptable to change in plans/projects/goals, allow more travel time to avoid further delays, reflect on the past as a way to see what needs to be worked on—but don’t dwell in the past as a way to put yourself down.
• Hold off on signing contracts until Mercury retrograde is over.  If you can’t, make sure to be very detailed in reviewing everything and have backup plans in place.
• Try not to make final decisions on anything until after Mercury Retrograde.
• Try to be more compassionate/patient with others and yourself during this time—if you can’t–try to establish healthy boundaries until after Mercury retrograde.

The necessity to prepare/know how to ride the retrograde wave:

There are pre and post shadow phases of Mercury Retrograde...energy that is pre-released and afterwards--still needing time to wind down from the heightened energies.  The Pre-phases are sometimes felt earlier on signaling to you intuitively what you need to work on during retrograde.  Post phases still nudges you to be gently and nurturing with yourself. 

•  By preparing and not stubbornly going against the current of drama, you will cause less friction during this time.  By giving yourself advance notice before retrograde, enables you to be more flexible and attuned to the energies that take place.
•  When you notice which zodiac sign Mercury Retrograde is in, it better helps you understand the influences you are experiencing from either your own birth month or just the attributes of the zodiac itself.  as mentioned above the we are in Sagittarius.
•  Use this time to see where you have been putting your energies toward and where your true main focus has been lacking.

My Experiences with Mercury Retrograde:
I definitely notice a shift in me during Mercury Retrograde, and especially within the first three days.  2017's Mercury Retrograde in August really knocked me on my behind and that is what motivated me to learn more about it and to help others in a Workshop I conduct.  I didn't want to just walk around and say, "Oh its Mercury Retrograde again, time to hide!"  I truly wanted to understand the energy taking place, and shared it with others. 

August of 2017 was very a emotional, sensitive time that left me with a lack of motivation to work on projects I had put off.  I also noticed things that normally wouldn’t bother me, did during retrograde that time.  After fully understanding how Mercury Retrograde truly benefits you, I noticed a shift in my perspective for the better.  I still feel the pull from time-to-time, but I now know why its happening and I don't feel like a victim --I now have courses of action to take.

The best advice I could give to others during Mercury Retrograde, is to be kind, patient and nurturing to yourself and others.  Use this time to retreat and not be so hard on yourself.  If you need a day to be by yourself or even if it’s just half the day—take it in order to do a life review.   If you find yourself aware of what you’ve been putting off to work on or to finish regarding career and personal goals---take the time to do it. That might be the pull you’re also feeling.  Everyone gets affected by Mercury Retrograde differently - it depends on what is being showed to you that is crucial to your life path and which astrological sign the retrograde is in.

Retrogrades in 2019:
  • March 16th - March 26th - (Pisces)
  • July 9th - July 30th -  (Cancer)
  • November 1st - November 18th - (Scorpio) 
Key words for Mercury Retrograde:
  •       Revisit
  •     Review
  •     Reevaluate
  •     Rejuvenate
  •     Release
  •     Renew
  •     Reflect
  •     Rethink

***If you live in the Staten Island area, and would like to attend my Mercury Retrograde Workshop, please contact me via:  andrea_angelreadings@aol.com

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,
Andrea =)

Monday, November 12, 2018

A Month of Gratitude - Veterans Week

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that your week is starting out productively.  If you haven't read my last post, please click here as I had discussed some personal life revelations, and announced some big changes to this blog.  As promised,  for this month, I'll be sharing with you, the many ways we can live a grateful life in preparations for the Thanksgiving holiday.

This week, we will focus on our beloved Veterans.  Even though the holiday was officially November 11th, there are some institutions and businesses that are closed today, Monday, November 12th,  honoring Veterans Day.  This is a  holiday that should be recognized more than just one day, since we have so many of our men and women still fighting courageously every day enabling us to safely live life's precious moments.  So after reading this post, try and incorporate throughout the week, the messages that our Angels want to relay regarding Veterans and service.

Image from Google
When we think of Veterans, we associate with, loved-ones, strangers,  sacrifices, strength, free-will, pride, true-colors, discipline, freedom, choices, patriotism, worry, sadness, anger, pain and the list goes on and on.  Our Veterans have and will always teach us so much about life even though we will never truly understand the memories they had to live through, that are engraved in their minds.  We do owe it to them to pause, reflect, respect and be grateful for all they have done and continue to do for us all.  So on Veterans day and every day, take the time to thank those you know and don't know who are Veterans, donate to organizations that help bring comfort, sanity and warmth back into their lives, raise your flags high, talk to your Veterans and learn their stories, and no matter what, still pray for peace.

My father-n-law, my uncles and  very good friends of mine are celebrated on this day. Thankfully they are all still alive.  There are those though who have left this earth and guard us differently now in heaven.  Our Guardian Angels have a message for all Veterans, those who have once served and now serve in heaven, along with how we can find closure from honoring a day that comes with such mixed feelings of honor and loss.

Our Guardian Angels want us to focus on "Gratitude" itself for healing.  I know this may seem repetitive, but in actuality it isn't.  We sometimes focus so much on the loss that we forget all that we still do have in this world.  Whether our Veterans are still alive or not, we are left sometimes with unanswered questions and a world upside down. But our angels want us to never give up on seeing past the darkness and stepping into a light that will bathe us in the abundance of all the good that still thrives regardless!

Take time this week to further heal from what Veterans Day means to you and see that there is still so much more to be thankful for and that there's still good left to achieve and to break through in this world---even if it may seem like sometimes--all is not done for nothing.  Ask your Guardian Angels to walk with you during this process and to lead you toward better feeling thoughts on gratitude.

I wish you all a grateful week!

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Thankful for What's To Come

Hello Everyone!  Hope all is well!

I haven't been blogging for quite some time.   A lot has transpired since April of my last post. Some of it action related and some, inaction.  For the action part, I've been heavily writing my second book.  Its almost complete and I'm ecstatic to share with you the next passage of my author life. It's a new style of writing that has led me down a surprisingly--intriguing road of healing and enlightenment, and I hope it does the same for you all.  More details to follow soon. I can share with you though, some of the visual parts of my book.  Thanks to my friend and talented photographer, Colleen Rose of  Bunnie & Clyde Productions, we had an incredible photo shoot capturing all the elements of my upcoming book. Throughout this post I've included some of those photos that might be included in the book.   The one below in particular, captures precisely the meaning of my inaction to not blog for a while......

Where Have I Been?

Besides being an Author, and an Angelic Life Coach, I work at a corporate job in Manhattan, New York.  It doesn't reflect who I am at all, but its where I need to be at the moment - you know -financial reasons such as paying bills, saving money, etc.  To say,  the commute is a killer from Staten Island to the city, is a gynormous understatement!  A two - hour bus ride in both directions stalks me daily when in theory its only supposed to be an hour ride tops! But it is what it is.

Working late hours in the city, the long commute, finding time to write and conduct readings, no time for myself on the weekends, all started to put a strain on me.  I felt like I was never home, barely seeing my husband, and was constantly being plopped from one event to the next without any breaks in between.  My creativity, life purpose and motivation was fading away fast! Things that would normally make me happy, took longer for me to see its effects.  The result of witnessing these empty - nagging emotions halted at one point, the production of my book and as you know, my blog posts.  I became robotic and numb due to the never ending cycle of the daily work grind, and felt emotionally run down from being at a place where I knew, didn't truly reflect my life purpose.  These lower surrounding energies, continued to block me from being in the right frame of mind to blog and work on my book fully. Trying to do so would not have been fair to the integrity of my new project or to those who follow this blog.   I knew a positive change was coming. A positive change was needed!

Partly, the photo above from my shoot, reflects the result of my inaction of this blog.  I needed time to rethink how I wanted to communicate here--bring it back to life in a different way -- enable myself to want to get involved in it again -- and get back to my creative space for my book. I'm all about the art of the written word  and guiding  others -- so I knew, I couldn't relay all this if I wasn't within the rightful energy to do so.  All this "inaction" time  was definitely needed for me to reflect and get back to my inspiring flow in all areas of my life.  The photo above also  shows how nature was one of the avenues that lifted me up from this stale energy and how I could remember who I was within.....

My Healing....

Several things saved my sanity during my inner stalemate.   I know what your thinking -- If you're an Angelic Life Coach, why  can't you help yourself automatically and just "BAM" feel better?   The simple fact is, I'm human.  I still go through emotions like anyone else even though I connect with my Guardian Angels and connect others to theirs.  Some personal moments are easier to get out of than others.  Some lessons require me to dig deeper than others. When you're so close to a situation you want healed, you sometimes can't see the answers clearly...your insight is so blurry and it just needs to refocus.  Despite all this,  I've found gratitude in this experience because I appreciate the value of my path in life so much more now.  Also,  it helped me truly understand how to guide others in similar situations since I'm living through the process.

What worked for me and what could work for you:

Below is a list of activities or ways of thinking that helped me through my time of reawakening my purpose.  There is no limit to this list.  You can add to it, or you might find that you have other ideas all together.  The goal is to keep moving forward toward more positive perspectives and keep your energy levels moving toward positive avenues.....

1. I vacationed one week with my husband to our favorite local spot and laid low. No time frames. No time limits.  Issued myself an internet detox.  Journaled every day. Watched the sunrise. Visited the beach daily.  (You don't have to book an expensive trip to "get away."  You can go somewhere local for a weekend - maybe a bed and breakfast? or stay at a friend's house.)

2. Made more time for myself on the weekends -- Practiced more Yoga and started Pilates.
3. Walked more in the Park. Took the time to truly "Breathe" in Nature around me.

4. Conducted self Angel Readings and connected with my Guardian Angels / Prayed

5.  Talked with my husband for sound advice.

6.  Gave myself  a "Do Nothing" day or at least an hour or two of it.

7. Tried not to overbook my weekends.  Learned to say "No" and not feel guilty for it.

8. Read Poetry

9. Purchased crystals and wore Mala jewelry for heightened positive energy flow. Used Essential oils.

10. Left the "work week" in the past and focused on fun, family and friends on the weekends

11. Forged ahead and worked on my book...which further helped with my healing.

12. ***Highly recommend reading*** Denise Linn's Soul Coaching - a book that helps you remember who you are and explore your soul through writing/journaling prompts, enabling you to journey back toward your life purpose.

What did it all teach me?

I was reminded of the bigger picture in my life. Despite where I am, and where I know I want to go, I have to ignore the inner chatter and outside drama - trying to deter me from reaching my goals and living my life purpose.   What I'm less favorable toward liking -- at the moment isn't permanent - its just a reminder to stay strong on my path and follow my vision and know the difference between action and inaction.  I mustn't get discouraged during the waiting period of life and I shall muster the courage to work toward the change I want to see. Diving Timing is real!  I also must honor "me time" and not feel guilty at all for doing so!

I know there are still more self - discoveries of healing to undergo. The lower emotions I had felt I know will creep up again. And that's okay. I know how to react to it now and what it meant for me.  Life is constantly showing you something new about your stamina and your purpose.  At least now, there's proof here that you are not a victim to what you think is happening to you.  Only you can label how you will experience what life throws at you. 

Your discoveries might be different than mine, and it may take longer or quicker than mine to see through,  but know that you will find/remember your purpose and make sense of why/what  you are feeling on your way there! It is not a sign of weakness for feeling these lower energies --  rather it is a sign to reevaluate your life and make sure you're honoring all parts of yourself fully.

From relearning all this, and the time I allowed myself to pause,  my book as I mentioned earlier in this post, has been revived itself and I couldn't be more happier!  I'm also proud to announce that I broke down the barriers of inaction toward my blog.  I heard my Guardian Angels loudly and clearly on how to pursue the creative change this blog needed.  And so, I will now post monthly themes as part of my blog posts, and starting this month, (next week), I will do weekly posts devoted all toward Gratitude thoughts/messages, in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.

I'm excited for this change in me and other revelations that will follow, which I will also share here.  I pray that you all embark on your own realizations and that this post sparked that light within you to do so.  I thank you for your understanding and patience while waiting for this post to be created after so very long.

If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to post to this blog.  If there are certain theme suggestions you'd like me to discuss, please feel free to mention here as well.  I look forward to connecting with you all!

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,
Andrea R. Freeman

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