Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Angelic Seasonal Comfort Message - Summer

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone!!!!

Those of us who are celebrating the first day of this energetic season, are ecstatic about the longer hours of daylight, beach days ahead, bbq planning and just simply being out in the sun (protect your skin wisely of course!)  Well--we've made it! Its finally here!!!!

As some of  you may know, I've not been on this site as frequently as I'd like to be--I've been working on my next book plus leading various workshops.  However--I definitely wanted to make sure I made time to send your Angels' guidance for Summer's energy.  My goal is to try and get back into writing once a week for this blog.  You can though also follow me at the Muddled Millennial blog site where I also contribute articles there.  You can click below to view all my articles posted thus far:

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Angelic Seasonal Comfort Message:  "New Beginnings"

I intuitively selected this card from Doreen Virtue's Healing With The Angels Oracle Card Deck.  One might think that this card would show more for the beginning of Spring since its the season known for renewal-and it very well might be so.  However it's making its presence known for this Summer's energetic reading, and its just as meaningful.

Often times, a lot of us feel more energized in the Summer; they feel more alive during June--through mid September.  Summer represents taking action, being in the action, fun/carefree moments, gatherings, and a chance to use all your abilities toward your life purpose. 

Something new whether its career wise, relationship, health, etc., is shifting toward new opportunities/possibilities for you.  Now is the time to embrace what has been revealed to you or that you've been planning toward, and take that leap of action toward bringing your goals to fruition.  Move forward fearlessly toward what will improve your life.

I love the imagery on this card as it also holds a personal meaning for me--possibly it reveals the same for you...I have two very wonderful, beautiful friends who are getting married this year, and this card confirms the joining of their commitment and the wonderful new journey that awaits them.  And that is what Summer holds--that chance for you--living up to your intentions,  to step out of your comfort zone, try something new, expand on your talents, add new experiences/memories into your life, jump-start your carreer, revitalize your soul, whatever it is--this season holds lots of movement and energetic awakenings from the light.

Make this a summer to remember! And as always, ask your Angels to give you courage, determination and the strength to move forward along your path.

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

Andrea =)
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