Monday, May 11, 2015

I Celebrate Nurturing Qualites in Everyone

Mother's Day is right up there with the big holidays such as  Father's Day,  Valentine's day and Christmas---all of which exude that special time to show love and appreciation toward those very dear in your life.  On Mother's Day, it can seem so effortless to show the incredible women in your world how much you value their guidance, love, and patience through the years growing up.  However, there are others that find this holiday, hard to recognize.

If your part of the percentage that feels Mother's Day isn't a comfortable holiday to celebrate, you might be among those who's mother has passed away, aren't sure who your birth mother is, or  had a falling out with your mom, and no longer speak. Let's understand these scenarios a little further....

Your Mother Passed Away.....

You still have a lot of healing to undergo.  Time does heal wounds, though sometimes its hard to believe.  There are days that seem to flow better, then there are days that hit you harder than a ton of bricks. Everything around you reminds you so much of the very thing that isn't there anymore and the reminders sometimes feel more like a curse than blessing.  The trick though is, that it does take the necessary time to heal, so you can't rush your healing--you have to have  patience with yourself and the will to move forward a little each day.  Surrounding yourself with those who have the best intentions to pick you up when you most need it, is also vital. Praying to your Angels to send you extra love and guidance during this time helps you see clearer more and more.

Finding Your Birth Mother.....

You grew up in foster homes, or were very fortunate to live with adopted parents.  However, you always felt the need to discover who your birth mother is, where is she now, what was her life like.  There is still a part of you that feels incomplete, but yet you are very grateful for those who were able to take you in and make you part of their family.  Its like you were given a second chance to make your mark in the world.  The search for your birth mother can take years and years, some of which could lead to dead-end results.  However, no matter where the search takes you, there is a reason for everything, and your will to keep looking must always stay strong. 

No Longer Speaking With Your Mother....

Growing up, it was always World War III at home.  Never seeing eye-to-eye, you could almost never understand each others' opinions.   Every  visit to your mom's house ended in a heated argument.  You almost felt at times that maybe  you were adopted and couldn't possibly belong or be related to the same person that causes you so much stress, and sometimes hurt.  There are some relationships that can be healed.  It takes the willingness of both people to see it through.  There are other relationships that take a little extra work. and can sometimes feel like a loosing battle.  However, to gain closure and/or start the ball rolling in making that connection to reconcile, there are a couple of routes one can travel:

1- Compose a list of at least five qualities that you do like about your mother.  If you can only think of two or three, its a start. This helps you to  focus on more of the good, rather the bad. After writing this list, put it away and surrender and release your concerns to God and your Angles to heal the relationship.

2-Compose a letter of all that you wish to say to your mother.  Sometimes writing out your feelings allows you to completely reveal everything that may be missed with in-person conversations. You can choose to send it to her, or again, put it away, and surrender and release your concerns to God and your Angels to heal this relationship. It will either come back healed, or you the Universe will align you to gain the closure you need in a different way.

So how do you revel in such a day when all the above can change the scope of everything?   How can the affirmation below help you do this?

I Celebrate Nurturing Qualities in Everyone

No matter if your mother has passed away, or you can't find your birth mother or haven't been able to square away differences with your mother, God and your Angels have still provided all around you, others that you can still honor on Mother's Day.  Your Aunts, Grandmothers, Sisters, Cousins, Co-Workers, Friends, Mothers of your Friends, even sometimes Father's who fill in for the Mother role, are just as important and inspirational to have in your life.  You see, nurturing love can come from everyone and anyone and your Angels want you to know that you have unlimited supply of it.  Instead of focusing on what is lacking/missing, look to what is truly all around you that helps buoy your faith daily.

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,


(Images above from artist Nadia Strelkina)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Message from the Writers desk...

Hello Everyone,

 Sorry I've been m.i.a lately...I've been working even more so on completing my book & Im very close to its finish. I'm so excited to soon share it's details with you all!!!

I will return next week with my regular posts. 

Also want to wish my mothers Sandy & Nina, Grandma Marie, Grandma Rose & Grandma Di Pasquale in Heaven, my aunts, cousins, friends, co-workers, clients, followers on Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and my friends that are mothers-to-be....I wish you all a beautiful, blessed Mother's Day that lasts all year through. May you all feel the same love, patience, generosity and devotion that you endlessly give, be bestowed upon you tenfold.

Look forward to connecting with you all!

Have an inspirational day!!!