Wednesday, February 24, 2016

* Keep Your Face Toward The Sun *

Life can be very demanding; full of twists and unexpected turns.  What may seem factual -- events that take place that almost seem impossible to recover from--your angels wish for you to still stay optimistic.  Of course we are human and we may not be able to always smile 24/7.  There are going to be days that we we will frown, cry, tempers will spike, etc.  These emotions and everything in between are what make up our experiences--to appreciate the lights and shadows of our lives.  However, your angels want you to move through 
those emotions quicker--so instead of being angry for one week, 
maybe you'll start to only be mad for a couple of hours in one day instead. 

Why it's important  to stay optimistic?

Regardless of what has transpired in any area of your life, your  angels don't want you to burden yourself with guilt, fear, doubt, anxiety or hold yourself back from venturing out in exploring the new in your life.  Your angels encourage you to stay positive as you look forward to new energy you want to connect with or new goals your aspiring to.  Whatever has occurred in the past doesn't dictate your future--history can not repeat itself--unless you not learning from the lesson(s)/experiences and ignore the pattern or habits you have formed.  Only take the good from what you have experienced and take the less favorable parts as tools to learn from to be better prepared for the future.  The good components are pieces to the greater whole from that which you are wishing to connect with.  

Keep your face toward the sun, and the light will always show you the way...

Please remember, that when you hold onto doubt, fear, guilt, anxiety or other lower emotions, this only blocks you further from attracting the new into your life. Your angels want you to let go of the pressure of trying to make something happen.   Let go of thinking that it’s taking too long or that maybe there’s something wrong with what you’re doing.  All these thoughts builds  lower energies and prevents you from attracting what you wish to connect with. This further lowers your mood.  When you’re too stressed, you block your angels’ guidance from flowing to you clearly.   With an optimistic outlook on things, you can only expect good to flow to you! You want the best possible outcome for your life--don't tamper with its results.  Once you make a decision to do something--the universe will follow up with what is needed for your completion of attaining it. 

How to stay optimistic:
First, its important to keep a regular dialogue between you and your angels flowing.  The more you communicate with them, the more you can feel their loving guidance.  The more you invite them into your life, the more they can help you. Your angels are always around you, but since you have free will, the intensity of how much they can help you depends on how open you are to communicating.    You’ll notice as well, your mood will elevate more, making it easier to stay optimistic. So don't hold back what you want to ask or discuss with your angels.  They are here to comfort, guide and inspire you!



God and your angels want you to trust and have faith again in your life--despite what has happened to you in your past.  Trust that God and your angels know the best path and will lead you to it.  Even if you don’t have all the answers right now, trust that they are working behind the scenes for you.  Even if your trust was shaken in the past—remember that it’s that experience that will make you stronger and more aware of the signs when your trust is being taken advantage of. 


When you offer more faith into your heart, the better you can stay positive.  How you  harbor more faith, is to start a routine of finding things that you are grateful for.  Even if it’s just one thing per day, in time, it will grow the more you practice.  Even if there are factual things happening around you that are less desirable than you would like, there is still something beautiful that surrounds you.   This shift doesn’t happen overnight, but when you focus on this more frequently, you will ease into it  steadily.  When you focus on the love your angels and God have for you, the love of your family, your good health, etc., you can’t go wrong.   Being thankful is part of the way you keep your mood elevated which  keeps you optimistic regardless of what is before you.  Optimism is key!  Create a vision board, collage, or a journal listing all the things that you are thankful for.

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

Friday, February 12, 2016

Angelic Valentine's Motivational Message

Hello Everyone,

Valentine's Day is upon us once more.  It's interesting how when you're a teenager you see this holiday differently.  As a teenager this day could "make or break your life." That need to have someone was all that was important then.  I remember times when I did have a valentine and times when I didn't, and those times I didn't have one--I felt everyone was out and about, but me.  As I grew older though, I learned that Valentine's day isn't just a one day holiday.  Valentine's Day isn't just about celebrating with your significant other.  It represents so much more.  This day of love is something we should cherish each day and remind others how special they are in our lives--each and every day.  Its a day where you can show love and appreciation in various ways--that go beyond flowers, chocolate and jewelry--for all your family members, your friends, and for life itself.  So, if perhaps you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife to share this Valentine's Day, there's nothing wrong with you and your not missing out.  You have a lot of love to give to so many others and when you share it with whomever you choose, your still celebrating its worth and you will receive it back!

Your angels' message for this Valentine's Day is:  


 The energy of this holiday for this year, may bring an opportunity for you to forgive, make peace and recover that much needed closure with any past relationships that may have ended or have room for improvement.  Someone from your past whether a significant other, family member or friend may resurface your into life.  This is a chance for you both or all (if group of people) to revisit moments where you can learn more about the relationship--what went wrong--what message needs to be assessed and old patterns to turn toward the positive.

When your able to truly forgive you allow more love into your life and can attract more good into your life as well.  Forgiving doesn't mean that you justify what the other person did, but that you no longer want to hold on to the negative and toxic energies of those harsh feelings.  You are freeing yourself from what holds you back.  With an open heart, more is possible.

Forgiveness also dwells in yourself for any past decisions you've made that perhaps didn't turn out the way you hoped.  Take this time to learn from these choices and know that you are growing and learning the best way you can.  Have patience with yourself.  See mistakes not as mistakes but as blessings in disguise-which are able to show your strengths.

Ask your angels to bring more love and peace into your heart for yourself and others.  Pray to your angels to enable you to see the beauty in life itself . When you see the world through unconditional eyes, the rest will follow.  I close with this quote which I feel quite sums up love....

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,
Andrea <3

My Book Status

Hello Everyone,

Sorry that I've been m.i.a this week.  I've been reviewing the last edits and design elements for my soon to be released self-published book.  I'm beyond ecstatic to share with you its details.  I will definitely let you know soon when and where to purchase it plus reveal its title and content.  So stay tuned!!!!

Later today, I will post your angels' Valentine's Day message for you.

Hope you all have a fruitful weekend & Happy Heart Day!

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Angelic Monthly Guidance ~ February's Energy Reading

Image from artist Nadia Strelkina
Hello Everyone, this post reveals how to harness this month’s energy toward your goals.

February will be all about balancing your resources.  As we are in the second month of the year, (2)  represents relationships, partnerships, choices, decisions, yin and yang and how your resources are affected by these. 

The card for this month, Four of Earth from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot cards, reflects on stability, structure—if areas in your life are staying the same or becoming too much of something else.  And here is where the balancing of resources comes in. Since Four of Earth is a symbol for manifestation—whether its materialistic in nature or not, your angels ask that you take caution of what you do with your money, (resources), in order to obtain what your aspiring to.

Maybe you’ve noticed that you have been spending too much money on items that you thought you needed, but now your only collecting excess.  Perhaps your being too cautious with your money in fear of being in lack if you use it.

A balance here must be made in order to bring the right and new opportunities/possibilities to you through change.  Change can bring many avenues of abundance than you could ever imagine.

For those who feel their spending habits are too high, ask your angels to help you review your spending patterns and uncover what needs to be adjusted. Consider opening savings accounts.  Make a list of priority items that your resources should really go to.  For those who spend less, out of fear of losing money, consider donating your money or spending it toward others who need it most, so you feel you are using it in meaningful ways.

Your angels want you to be aware of how fear-based thoughts regarding money can limit your growth toward your purpose.  Embrace the resources you have in a responsible and flexible way that will continue to open doors for you.

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

Andrea <3