Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"I Devote Enough Time For My Priorities"

Sometimes you have so much on your plate, that you wish you had multiple versions of yourself to complete each task.  When the work piles up, whether its business or personal needs that must be met, you may start to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or possibly procrastinate.

Your Angels want to help you prevent your to-do list from falling through the cracks.

It's Time to Affirm

Pause right now, and take a moment to say aloud, or to yourself:

"I Devote Enough Time For My Priorities."  When you affirm this statement, you are putting out to the universe that you are willing to align yourself with sufficient time and energy to get things completed.

If you keep saying: "There's never enough time!" or "I'm never going to get this done," what have you noticed has happened following these statements?  9 times out of 10, you probably didn't get anything done.  You are just confirming to the universe here, that you want to attract more of "less time" to do what you need to.

What Your Angels Want You To Do

  • Start each morning with this above affirmation
  • Pray to your Angels: "My Angels, please help me find the time, motivation, determination and energy to complete all the tasks I need to complete today.  Please help me connect with the right  people and resources that will help me further complete the items on my list.  Thank you for your constant guidance, inspiration and comfort."

A Great Book That Can Help:

I highly recommend Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy.  Its an excellent book to help get your priorities in order, to remind you that you aren't vulnerable to the demands of daily routines and that you do have control over how you manage your day, your time, your life.

You'll find advice such as:
  • How to compose your "To Do" lists
  • Recognizing what activities take away from you completing your important tasks
  • How to start each day
  • And so much more insightful info

Guidance, Motivation & Comfort always,

~Andrea~ <3

Thursday, May 15, 2014

When I'm Patient With Myself, All The Doors Open...

"Patience is a Virtue." 

You've all heard this saying either from your parents, or in movies.  
However, do you really know why being patient is such a good quality--such a beneficial attribute?

Perhaps when you were a child, being told to wait and to be patient seemed such a daunting reminder of what you couldn't have at the moment. You didn't understand the necessity of it. It almost made you feel as if you were never going to acquire what it was that you wanted because the length of time seemed endless.

Sometimes being patient can be misinterpreted as being stagnant and/or settling...or to go even further, missing out on all the "fun stuff."

Your Angels though, want to clear away any blocks that prevent you from truly embracing the power of patience and its link to your healing and moving forward in life.  As adults, we can now better understand why we sometimes need to wait.

Patience is.....
- Allowing the Universe, people and other resources needed, to fully align and come together in the best way possible, at the right time, to bring you the best desired results that are beneficial to your needs.
  • Understanding that if you rush the nature of life, the flow of what is to be, this will hinder the progress your life is intended to make.
-Enabling your inner self to heal properly & being gentle with yourself--(not criticize past choices  made)--will help you see everything is a blessing in disguise for personal growth.

When you are willing to give patience a chance, it will open many doors for you...the doors of happiness, opportunity, peace, abundance, etc...because you took the time to go with the flow, instead of going against the current.

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

~Andrea~ <3

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's Been A While....

Hello Everyone!

You may have noticed that I've been M.I.A lately....

There have been some matters that demanded my attention lately such as some passings within the family and also some wonderful life celebrations....

Within the week, I will be posting daily affirmations to you all again.

Wanted you to know that I'm still sending you all guidance, inspiration and comfort to you always with my thoughts.

Remember, if you prefer a private-more detailed Angel Reading, you can visit my site, pick which reading best suits your needs, & we can schedule a session...

Love to connect with you all soon!

~Andrea <3