Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy 2018! ~ Full Moon

Hello Everyone! 

2018 has finally arrived!!!!!! I'm so beyond excited and I  hope you feel the same as well.  I'm definitely picking up on such calmer, cleaner, and more easy flowing vibes for this new year.  I'll be posting later this week the collective angelic messages for 2018 & what to energetically expect.

I wanted to discuss two items today, first--to share my latest article from the Muddled Millennial that was posted last year (December 30th--seems weird to type that lol).  I closed with my thoughts on what I learned from 2017, that I think might help you move forward fearlessly with 2018.

Here's the link:


Lastly, we are in the second day of the new year and it's time for the Full Moon phase once more-- which is perfect for what the new year is all about.  When experiencing a Full moon, its that time to assess and release what no longer suits you in your life and your higher purpose.  This enables you to  attract and make way for the "newness" in your life.  "Letting go" can range from old habits/behaviors/thought patterns, addictions of any kind, lower emotions, materialistic objects, abusive relationships, spending habits, those who  disrespect your boundaries, and the list goes on and on.  With 2017 just behind us, its definitely fresh in our minds what we know we need to either improve, make more time for, or start anew.  The link above will act as a guide in leading you toward what needs to be released for this Full Moon.

There are countless ways to honor this day energetically -- some  include meditation, restorative yoga, Reiki and automatic writing.  Automatic writing is perfect those who may have trouble visualizing and can express themselves better through their words.  Which ever way you release, as long as you're making time for what needs to be nurtured within you, that's all that matters!

Here's to 2018 & Releasing the Old Energy!

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,

Andrea =)

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