Thursday, December 21, 2017

Happy Winter Solstice & Holiday Blessings!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Holidays to you all and those you are celebrating with.  I hope things are starting to wind down for you in terms of preparations, gift shopping, finishing up items at work, etc.  If you're not close to being done--I totally get it! My schedule is always crazy busy and I feel lately, I'm not home enough to get everything done.  I'm a bit behind in my gift wrapping and some shopping, but just know, that you can only do so much in a day.  From experience, overwhelming yourself just turns you off more to getting what need--completed.  So be kind to yourself and just do a little each day and don't forget to ask for help! There's nothing wrong with that!

I wanted to relay your Guardian Angels' collective message they had for us all for the  
First day of Winter which is today -- Happy Winter Solstice & the message for everyone's 
Holiday Blessings!

The message that came through was "Spiritual Growth."

This card has several meanings attached to it and one or all may pertain to you.  You'll know which feels right to you. 

First, you may very well be on a spiritual journey--perhaps going to church more, discovering more about your inner self, eliminating a lot of materialistic items from your life, wanting to read more in the metaphysical, new age fields.  You might also be persuing or want to pursue a career as a Lightworker which could range from the following just to name a few: Reiki Practitioner, Medium, Card Reader, Psychic, Spiritual Counselor etc. 

This card reveals that its safe to embrace your spiritual path and where-ever its calling you to go.  Maybe in 2018, you'll finally be ready to leave your current business job and decide to set up your on spiritual practice.  Or if you're not looking to set up a practice, but just want to build-up your spiritual knowledge to balance and heal yourself --definitely look into what interests you. You might notice too that you're involving yourself in healthier situations, or centering yourself around healthier relationships--this too is all part of your spiritual growth.  Don't worry if you think you'll loose friends or family in this process.  Who truly loves and supports you, and is supposed to be in your life-- will be there for you when it counts!

Image from artist Nadia Strelkina
2018 is definitely going to be a shift of positive-flowing energy.  2017 was such a purge of all that no longer served a higher purpose in our lives, whether it was personal, political, economical, etc.  We are making way for the new and what is to truly be our paths.  For this holiday blessing and the Winter Solstice, its time to hibernate --in that we learn -- all that we can about our inner strengths and keep that resourceful warmth of knowledge as a way to enable us to be ready for what we are striving for.

A lot of us might still be "waiting" for the new in our lives, but according to a wonderful book that my friend gave me years ago called, "You're Late Again Lord."  waiting doesn't mean being patient--but being purposeful!  You must constantly keep yourself busy--active in what you know you can do regarding your goals -- and what is truly meant for you will match your efforts. So, basically, stop complaining, procrastinating, wondering--just do all you can and also remember to release unnecessary control.

I'll be posting next week the collective Angelic message for 2018.  Until then--have a  beautiful, loving and healthy holiday!

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always

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