Monday, March 19, 2018

Angelic Seasonal Comfort - Spring

Hello Everyone!

Spring will finally makes its way to the Northern Hemisphere Tuesday, March 20th.  And even though the temps may not reflect this seasonal change, the vibrational energy of Spring Equinox still holds true.  Even if your part of the world will not experience Spring, you can still reflect and incorporate its meaning into your life.

The Angelic Seasonal Comfort message for Spring is: "Celebration"

Along with our change in season, we are also experiencing Mercury Retrograde, which adds extra meaning to what we will experience.  Its pre-shadow phase started last week and Mercury goes full retrograde this week on March 23rd.  For those unfamiliar with Mercury Retrograde, please refer to my last post on Mercury Retrograde here.

To sum up, Mercury Retrograde's energy gives us a chance to slow down, and reevaluate whats going on in our lives.  We learn to revisit areas in our lives we've put off and make time to finish what we started whether personal or career goals.  Any setbacks we might experience during this three week period only brings to our attention to review, release and review certain areas of our lives -- to nurture and be more patient with ourselves.  These elements go perfect with what Spring is all about--a chance for rebirth, new opportunities and growth.

Celebrate the beauty & joy that surrounds you (Image from Google)
For Spring's energetic message, your Guardian Angels wants you to recognize that there's so much to celebrate in your life! There is so much good that surrounds you already-- more than you know!  This holds true as we experience Mercury Retrograde--when we sometimes undergo temporary stalls--we can instead look at this time as an opportunity to rediscover our intentions and recognize the strengths within our potential.

Spring gets us out of the hibernation phase and into the light--into newly aligned paths.  All the planning, hard work you've been creating - working toward - whether personal or career goals, you'll start to see--take shape! Keep nurturing yourself and the path you've chosen.  Don't stop now!  Continue to be inspired to live the life that mirrors your intentions and you'll see the benefits and results of staying true to your course.  

Guidance, Inspiration & Comfort always,
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